Custom Creation Agreement


  1. No Copyrighted Material
  2. No Pedophilic Material
  3. Sprite Changes
  4. Cheating & Abuse
  5. Order Approval
  6. Order Updates
  7. Bad Language
  8. Staff Rights
  9. Deleted Customs
  10. Collectable Custom Consideration
  11. Conditions of Collectable Custom Status Without Owner Approval
  12. Notice to Collectable Custom Shop Owners

1) No Copyrighted Material:

You may not upload and request material and characters that are copyrighted by anyone other than yourself or the staff at Puppet Nightmares. This includes, but is not limited to, characters from other games and forms of media, as well as derivative works based on them.

2) No Pedophilic Material:

Pedophilia art and some forms of extreme violence are unacceptable by both submission and request. When it doubt, check with the Administrator Ignis whether or not a particular sprite is OK.

3) Sprite Changes:

Limited changes can be made by me to a custom's art after it is submitted. In game mail me, Ignis, if your custom is flipped the wrong way or you want to submit new images for it. Please note that I am under no obligation to do this in a hurry and you may need to be patient while I'm busy with other things.

4) Cheating & Abuse:

Custom Soul Puppet creation is heavily monitored, any attempts at suspicious behavior can result in an immediate account or IP address ban.

5) Order Approval:

Orders that contain sprites uploaded by you will require approval before the custom is sent to you.

6) Order Updates:

Messages regarding your order will be sent to your mail box in the game.

7) Bad Language:

Offensive character names and descriptions can result in a rejection or modification of your order.

8) Staff Rights:

We reserve the right that any legally uploaded material is allowed to be displayed on our servers. If, at anytime, you want images that you created removed from the server, just contact Ignis to request it.

After you have submitted this request and confirmed it with Ignis, it should be removed within a reasonable time frame.

9) Deleted Customs:

If your custom Soul Puppet has been accidentally deleted, you can usually recover it with the Credit Shop Creature Restore option. If that fails, you can buy another copy of it right here.

10) Collectable Custom Consideration:

Unless otherwise specified by the Administrator, customs you create are not guaranteed to receive Collectable Custom status.

11) Conditions of Collectable Custom Status Without Owner Approval:

In rare cases, if the art you submitted is impressive enough and not your own, and you have been inactive for a minimum of six months, the creation may be given Collectable Custom status and placed on sale without your approval. If this happens, your account will be compensated with a minimum of 10,000 credit.

Should you ever return to the game and be active again, you can challenge this decision and have the custom removed from the possession of other players. Just remember that the credit you received as compensation will be removed from your account also whether you have it or not.

If you are worried about this happening, simply tell Ignis never to do it in a mail or other proper communication beforehand.

Please also remember, however, that ultimately the artist is the one that decides who can and cannot use his or her work.

12) Notice to Collectable Custom Shop Owners:

If you've been inactive for a minimum of six months, the staff may manage your Custom Shop for you until you return.