Ignis's Fashion Handbook

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Fashion Handbook Page 4

Dragon Princess's Bikini Outfit - Locked

Wearing only a skimpy bikini to distract her foes.

Unlock Condition: Buff 1,500 Creatures AND Sicken 250 Creatures

Corn Stalker's Cob Grabber Outfit - Locked

Dressed for a night of kernel swallowing.

Unlock Condition: Debuff 1,500 Creatures AND Kill 250 Creatures

Corn Stalker's Harvester Outfit - Locked

The finest cob harvester around.

Unlock Condition: Debuff 3,000 Creatures AND Kill 500 Creatures

Let’s Play Neko's Undies Outfit - Locked

Playing games in only her panties and bra.

Unlock Condition: Free

Secretary Succubus's Lingerie Outfit - Locked

Slutting around the office in her underwear.

Unlock Condition: Free

Witch Doctor's Tribal Underwear Outfit - Locked

Primitive undergarments for a nature-loving shaman.

Unlock Condition: Free

MILF Neko's Undies Outfit - Locked

A busy housewife in little more than her underwear.

Unlock Condition: Free

Snooty Princess's Sheer Gown Outfit - Locked

A see-through version of her default outfit.

Unlock Condition: Free

Big Bad Wolf's Retro Outfit - Locked

Retro art that belonged to the original Big Bad Wolf.

Unlock Condition: Free

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