Moondog's Fashion Handbook

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Gamer Succubus's Alternate Outfit - Locked

An alternative, smaller breasted variation.

Unlock Condition: Free

Gorgeous Alraune's Arabian Flower Outfit - Locked

For a truly lovely attacker.

Unlock Condition: Sicken 1,500 Creatures AND Kill 750 Creatures

Sissy Alraune's Bitch Boy Outfit - Locked

For only the bitchiest of healers.

Unlock Condition: Heal 1,500 Creatures AND Buff 1,500 Creatures

Blood Nurse's Wet Nurse Outfit - Locked

A flat-chested nurse that loves to get wet during work.

Unlock Condition: Heal 2,000 Creatures AND Kill 750 Creatures

Blood Nurse's Vampiress Outfit - Locked

Enslaved by a master vampire and dressed accordingly.

Unlock Condition: Sicken 2,000 Creatures AND Kill 750 Creatures

Red Cat's Berserker Outfit - Locked

Covered in blood, she unleashes her true ferocity.

Unlock Condition: Kill 2,000 Creatures

Cotton Lamby's Woolkini Outfit - Locked

Soft wool that protects delicate areas.

Unlock Condition: Heal 1,000 Creatures AND Buff 400 Creatures

Shadow Blade Neko's Kitten Wear Outfit - Locked

Cute kitten wear for the purrrfect girl.

Unlock Condition: Sicken 2,000 Creatures AND Kill 500 Creatures

Dungeon Crawler Toi's Valkyrie Helmet Outfit - Locked

After slaying countless minions in her path, she was finally able to recover and wear the precious helmet of the Fallen Valkyrie that guides her.

Unlock Condition: Kill 1,000 Creatures AND Debuff 250 Creatures

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