Why Play Puppet Nightmares?

A Delightfully Twisted and Ongoing Story

Puppet Nightmares' peculiar tale takes place in the early 1900's of Germany. A nightmare-inducing game board is discovered and things quickly escelate after your brother's soul is trapped within it. Many twisted NPCs will either assist you, hinder you, or make you laugh in this epic journey to rescue your lost sibling.

Challenging Yet Reasonable Battles

This game will take it easy on you at first, but things get pretty challenging as you progress further in the story - often requiring you to observe enemy patterns and adjust to them. In the majority of cases you can choose to just grind and over power enemies instead if that's your preferred method of play.

Hundreds of Collectible and Highly Configurable Monsters

From lustful Succubi to adorable Ghosts this game has hundreds of varied Collectible Monsters that could be cute, sexy or downright grotesque. It takes a serious amount of work to unlock and collect them all, so a hardcore, OCD gamer won't get bored here anytime soon!

Even better, you can do lots of cool things with your monsters here. These are some examples:

  • Form your creatures into a party and battle through the game's story and sidequests.
  • Equip them with different armaments scattered throughout the game.
  • Possess a specific monster to grant it more power and take on its appearance.
  • Tattoo monsters to enhance various abilities.
  • Create your very own creature for FREE from the ground up. You can choose its artwork or submit your own!
  • Grind them up into rare items or meals for your other creatures if they are of no use to you.
  • Use them to breed new and higher quality creatures.
  • At later levels, you can assign skills of your choice to each and every monster you own.
  • Rebirth them at the maximum level for an attribute bonus and start all over again.
  • Send them away on adventures to collect valuable rewards while you do other things.

Your Opinion Matters

Vote on new suggestions other players post or create your own! You get to help influence what features are implemented into the game while its eight plus years worth of development is still ongoing.

Friendly Community

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To top it all off, we're a small, friendly community of gamers that help each other out.

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