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Latest News (scroll for more)

Bloodstains Re-Enabled - By Ignis

Title says it all.

Posted On: 2018-02-24 19:36:38

Bloodstains: Battle Effects - By Ignis

Bloodstain battle bonuses temporarily disabled.

Posted On: 2018-02-24 10:55:26

Patreon Page Ending - By Ignis

The Patreon Page is ending before March 1st.

Posted On: 2018-02-24 10:45:16

Chat Changes - By Ignis

1. This game no longer has a discord chat.
2. Politics can no longer be discussed here.

Rules have been updated.

Posted On: 2018-02-24 09:58:07

New Feature: Bloodstains - By Ignis

You can now use Bloodstains to apply a minor enhancement to your weapon.

Bloodstain List

Bloodstain Tutorial

Higher level ones will be added at a later date. But there's no harm in using minor ones if you have the blood to spare.

Posted On: 2018-02-23 13:20:00