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Latest News (scroll for more)

Halloween Quest News - By Ignis

I've decided that the Halloween Quest, and likely future quests, will not require the purchase of a LESP to fully enjoy.

However, new quests "may" still be about LESPs themselves, because that's particularly fun for me.

Posted On: 2018-09-23 06:05:37

Filter Update #3 - By Ignis

Quick action images were repaired.

Corrupted gifts will not give you most of the Corrupted Soul Puppets when adult content filter is enabled.

You cannot successfully breed new sexual creatures when adult content filter is enabled. Yeah, it's a little ironic.

We're getting pretty close to being done with this filter. Thanks for help with all the bug reports!

Edited On: 2018-09-22 20:01:30

Story Changes - By Ignis

E1 opening rewritten, E1 ending cleaned up of grammar issues I could spot.

Some dialogue with Ada was edited.

Posted On: 2018-09-22 08:46:08

Filter Update (Restructure) - By Ignis

The sprite loader was restructured and had its behavior reversed. There's a good, technical reason for this that involves me wanting to setup a mirror that uses the same files.

(Safe) sprites are being uploaded as I write this into a new folder. If you're catching this news early and see something missing, give it some time to finish before reporting anything.

Until fixed, some creature outfits were marked as containing nudity or porn. You will not be able to select or see these if you have the adult content filter on and they no longer count towards the fashion book collection (for now).

Corrupted Soul Puppets no longer appear in dungeons.

Customs are now stored in either the adult or non-adult sprite folder. This won't affect anyone here at Puppet Nightmares later but some sprites that aren't porn may get hidden as porn by the filter for a little bit.

Posted On: 2018-09-20 15:25:50

Filter Update #2 - By Ignis

Corrupted Soul Puppets no longer count in Blood Diary.
The Creature Collection book now hides sexual entries when the player's filter is set.
The Fashion HandBook now hides outfits that show nudity if the proper filter is set.
The Creature/Equip/Skill Search now hides entries belonging to creatures that are too sexual with the proper filter set.
Certain skills were removed from the Skill Book that belonged to some of the Corrupted Soul Puppets.
Species/Creature Status screens are now "unviewable" if their adult content is too great for your filter settings.
Equipment/Base Type Status screens are now "unviewable" if their adult content of the creature they belong to is too great for your filter settings.
With The Filter enabled, you will no longer see sexual creatures and their related LESP Equips in auction.
Creatures that are too sexual can no longer be claimed when the adult content filter is active.
With the filter enabled you will not get too sexualized creatures/equips within your search results.

Edited On: 2018-09-19 15:36:53