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Filter Update #2 - By Ignis

Corrupted Soul Puppets no longer count in Blood Diary.
The Creature Collection book now hides sexual entries when the player's filter is set.
The Fashion HandBook now hides outfits that show nudity if the proper filter is set.
The Creature/Equip/Skill Search now hides entries belonging to creatures that are too sexual with the proper filter set.
Certain skills were removed from the Skill Book that belonged to some of the Corrupted Soul Puppets.
Species/Creature Status screens are now "unviewable" if their adult content is too great for your filter settings.
Equipment/Base Type Status screens are now "unviewable" if their adult content of the creature they belong to is too great for your filter settings.
With The Filter enabled, you will no longer see sexual creatures and their related LESP Equips in auction.
Creatures that are too sexual can no longer be claimed when the adult content filter is active.
With the filter enabled you will not get too sexualized creatures/equips within your search results.

Edited On: 2018-09-19 15:36:53

Story Update: Player Sex & Ada - By Ignis

The player's sex now determines their relationship with Ada.

Female players will engage in a platonic friendship with her throughout the story, male players will still receive the usual flirtations and relationship talk.

Also, needless nudity in the story was removed when the filter is set to Safer for Work.

The vast majority of dirty jokes in the story are and will be left intact regardless of this setting.

Posted On: 2018-09-18 14:03:51

Game Starts in Safer For Work - By Ignis

New players of the game will have to enable sexual content from "player>account".

There is no longer a choice at signup.

Posted On: 2018-09-18 05:35:40

Sluteria Moped Added - By Ignis

The Sluteria Moped can now be purchased in the Credit Shop under "credit Shop Key Items" with the adult content filter set to "Sexual Content".

Edited On: 2018-09-17 09:09:54

Filter Update #1 - By Ignis

During player hunting, sexual party leaders will not be drawn from the database if your filter is set against it.

Corrupted Soul Puppets will no longer load in dungeons if your filter is set against it.

Tattoos with nudity will now be hidden in the tattoo shop if your filter is set against it.

People with Safer for Work set will not receive "pornier" LESPs when token rolling. This same rule is applied to various lesp breeding skills and lesp gifts.

People with Safer for Work set will not see "pornier" LESPs when viewing token chances.

Gift Code page image changed.

"Cumstain" no longer temporarily loads when you buy a compendium of love combo.

Credit Shop Key Items like "Poseable Sex Doll", "Sluteria Moped" and "Paint Spewing Tits" will now be hidden if you activate the filter.

Futa and Skin books are now unavailable when the "Safer for Work" filter is set.

Outfits are now supported. This means if another player has a girl's naked bits showing you shouldn't see it with the filter on.

Filter now affects Support/Signup/Collection Rewards listed. Items need to be filtered/edited at a later date.

Edited On: 2018-09-17 12:36:17