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Attribute Change (Core Code) - By Ignis

ATK is now called STR (Strength).
DEF is now called VIT (Vitality).
HIT is now called DEX (Dexterity).

Why the change?

Various questions such as this "Why do weapons have negative attack?" and simplification of explaining the game's calculations to new people.

Edited On: 2017-02-18 21:12:56

Episode 2 Update (Yet Again) - By Ignis

Enemies have been organized differently within dungeons in such away that it adds the most variety possible.

New EXP and Coin values were calculated, balanced and scripted for enemies and Uber Enemies, but these new values cannot be used until I get as far as Episode 6.

Sewers 4 and 5 were deleted. 3 is being changed to something else later. The items and equips in those locations were moved elsewhere.

Most Enemy levels in Episode 2 dungeons were lowered to match the new boss levels.

Posted On: 2017-02-17 19:17:56

Creature Status: Skills - By Ignis

When viewing a Creature's Status Page->Skills section you can now alternate between more details, such as range ect., or managing them.

Posted On: 2017-02-16 23:32:17

Various SP Skill Rebalances - By Ignis

All Allure Type Skills
Halve damage against bosses restriction removed.

Pumpkin Head
Freezer made MGC versus RES. Multiplier increased.
Firewall made MGC versus RES. Multiplier increased.
Windstorm made MGC+HIT versus RES+SPD. Multiplier increased.

Efreet (All Efreets recalculated, take on and off an equip to fix yours).
10 points moved from DEF to HIT.
Dragon Fire changed to multiple attack Single.
Dragon Fire ACC lowered.
Dragon Fire Element increased.
Flame Charge EP cost decreased.
Flame Charge changed to ROW attack.
Flame Charge has a better multiplier.
Flame Charge decreases RES lightly.
Given new skill called Scorcher that mirrors Flame Charge aside from debuffing DEF instead of RES.

Naga (All Nagas recalculated, take on and off an equip to fix yours).
20 points moved from DEF to ATK.
Ethereal Sword Multiplier slightly lowere
Ethereal Sword Element lowered.d.
Ethereal Sword Guaranteed Rot chance when she uses it.
Light affinity increased.

Astra changed to Turkey Blast
Nephilim assigned a new skill called Astra

Now has Storm Crasher instead of Wind Hammer
Electric Sweep and Storm Crasher are high damage skills with their randomness reduced by the Orochi having greater Wind affinity.

Darkness Falls now uses a HIT+MGC versus SPD+RES calculation.
Darkness Falls Element lowered.
Darkness Falls Guaranteed Drain chance when she uses it.
Liberation changed to Death chance in accordance to target Dark Affinity. Boss restriction removed.
Shadow Knit was change to Healing Wave's effect.

Grave Blade buffed back to what it used to be.

Werewolf (All Werewolves recalculated, take on and off an equip to fix yours).
ATK Raised 30 Points. SPD lowered 20. HIT lowered 10. (All Werewolves recalculated, take on and off an equip to fix yours).
Disembowel uses ATK/MGC versus RES/DEF calculation now.
Shadow Rip uses ATK/MGC versus RES/DEF calculation now.
Shadow Rip's randombess is reduced by user dark affinity.
Note that Shadow Rip was bugged and not matching its original effect.

Water Break changed to Frisky Water.
Frisky Water targets Side instead of Single.
Frisky Water EP cost increased.
Icy Recovery guaranteed to restore Rot/Drain/Venom. Note that Rot's negative effect will still happen first.
Cold Shield increases DEF and Water affinity, but decreases Fire affinity and SPD.
Cold Shield EP Cost lowered.
Cold Shield now Single range instead of Self.
Frozen Shackles effect increased.

Honor now effects the user.

Posted On: 2017-02-16 23:31:21

Unlock Rebalances - By Ignis

Soul Puppet Unlocks for Episodes 1-3 have been re-balanced.

Have a look right here.

Thanks to Para, Butz, Acrii, ZombieHunter, bbmiroku and Paracelsus for ideas.

Posted On: 2017-02-16 13:16:22