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Latest News (scroll for more)

Chat Rules - By Ignis

Auction and trade links/discussions can now be posted in Game Room again. Trade Room was removed.

Posted On: 2017-03-29 01:34:10

Difficulty Changes - By Ignis

Based on player progress data I have made the following changes: First Hey-Zeus Cultist Battle: Enemy HP reduced by 1/3. Venom chance decreased to 15% Pierce Drain attack decreased to 15% "Where is Pierce?" Dungeon enemy difficulty reduced.

Posted On: 2017-03-27 23:34:48

E1 Rollback - By Ignis

Episode 1 has been set back to an earlier time with more erotic content/dialogue.

Posted On: 2017-03-25 14:39:36

New Creature: Teen Neko - By Ignis

The new creature Teen Neko can now be collected via the Compendium of Love. Check her out right here.

Posted On: 2017-03-25 01:15:12

New Category: Nifle High - By Ignis

A new creature category called Nifle High has been added to the game. This first member, Teen Ragdoll, is now available. 1. She cannot breed, too young. 2. The chance of acquiring a Superb in this category is even lower than a Corrupted Soul Puppet. 3. The only way to get her is via breeding.

Edited On: 2017-03-23 23:03:25