User: luckyroll777 Group: Members Updates: Off
S. Status Expires: Joined On: March 8th, 2012 Last Visit: March 8th, 2012
Equipment: 4/15 Marbles: 0/10 Creatures: 4/10 Items: 0/10
Auctions: 0/5 Parties: 1/5 Extra Skills: 0/50 Disciplines Learned: 0/97
Game Information
Level: 1 Experience: 27 / 54 Growth Points0
Coins? Credit? LESP Tokens0 Spirit 10
Offline player kills.0 Signups0 Eating0 The total number of times this player has successfully mated two creatures.0
Creature Collection Percentage1% Blood Diary Completion Percentage0% Book of War Completion Percentage0% Skill Book Completion0%
Challenge Book Percentage0% The total eggs this player has successfully painted.0 The total eggs this player has expelled.0 The number of times the player has ground a creature up.0 - 0
The number of times this player improved an equip at the Blacksmith's.0 The number of times this player completed an adventure.0
Next HP Reward1,104 / 2,500 Next EP Reward37 / 1,250 This player's difficulty setting.Normal
AI Battle Score PVP Score
Wins: 2 Losses: 6 Wins: 0 Ties: 0
PVP Rank Rank 0 Losses: 0

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