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Superb Tortured Demon List
Owner Creature
Acrii Tida
Tasaiz S Tortured
Saless Mawin
Saless S Tortured 01
Maddragon Angel Apocrypha
darvron Sarah
Smileus Shrike
Snelling Arioch 1+
Snelling Arioch 2+
Snelling Arioch 3+
Dispeyr Queasinart
Saless S Tortured 02
Zaalbar True Torture
Shaughna Tentacles
Dispeyr {Keep EN TorD 1
Dispeyr {Keep EN TorD 2
UncleHermit Corrupted Lady
Esgaldin T.Demon.S
lilymoncat z T Demon
Gaurdian S Tortured D
Saless S Tortured 03
CouchCop S. Justine
Chezsta Tortured D. One
Abel Torture
Orome Abigail
dragonking Superb 275
Esgaldin T.Demon.S.2 0
Rufamm Lisa
Esgaldin T.Demon.S.2 1
Acrii Nameless
PeterBlack SC TorDem
Yamini Cursed Demon
Acrii Nameless
awesome101 Nameless
Tigress Nameless
Acrii Nameless
Mrman Tortureddd
Meatpuppet AF Tortured
steelewulf S Tortured Dem
Tigress Nameless
Zaalbar Torture
heavenlyneko Sale TorDem
zBIz Nameless
Meatpuppet AF Tortured2
Saless S Tortured 04
zBIz Nameless
Meatpuppet AF Tortured3
Acrii Nameless
Shillago Trade 5
Meatpuppet AF Tortured4
Smileus Nameless
Chevy R0 Tor Demon
Foxie Sup T. Demon
l33tm4ntra Dante
Shaughna Foode1 24
Saless S Tortured 05
Devil Blade Nameless
Saless S Tortured 06
Saraena Tortured Demon
Azeldan Idna
Traysheia Horrifica
kalis khrom Tongue Lashing
DeathBastard Klytemnike
Saless S Tortured 07
Wolfchen Nameless
Naywi Taint
Shaughna Foode2 2
Tigress Nameless
Acrii Nameless
Raguzert Sara
Saless S Tortured 08
awesome101 Nameless
Saless S Tortured 09
d3th Cecil
Saless S Tortured 10
Acrii Nameless
CaptEgo Tortured Demon
Jennia Iggwilv
Silv3r ( A ) Tarantula
drginthecity Stockholm
bbmiroku Torman
DundasGarth Lucia
Dispeyr Open Wide
darvron aaa 15
pira joe Tortuga S
dragonking food-s-098
dragonking zzzz Sf str20 3
Artorias burrurbru 2
darvron aaa 48
Shaughna Foode4 7
Gaurdian Nameless
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