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Superb Shade Crawler List
Owner Creature
Acrii Zorak
Dispeyr Double Fuck You
Saless Mantis
Saless S Crawler 01
darvron Zuma
Snelling Cri-Kee 1+
Smileus Witch Hunter
Saless S Crawler 02
DundasGarth Evald
Snelling Cri-Kee 2+
Snelling Cri-Kee 3+
Dispeyr {Keep EN ShCr 1
Esgaldin Shade.C.S 0
Shaughna Shar
lilymoncat z Shade Crawler
dragonking Superb 278
Acrii Nameless
UncleHermit Flesh Eater Bug
Maddragon Endless Murder
Dispeyr {Keep EN ShCr 2
Saless S Crawler 03
Chezsta Shade Craw One
Esgaldin Shade.C.S 1
Cackler Nameless
Esgaldin Shade.C.S 2
Saless S Crawler 04
Zaalbar Zeldris 0
Snelling Cri-Kee 4+
Saless S Crawler 05
Shaughna Nameless
Acrii Nameless
Yamini Buggy
Smileus Nameless
Shaughna Nameless
d3th Bugulon
Snelling Cri-Kee 5+
Gaurdian S ShadeC
Saless S Crawler 06
Abel Parasite X
Naywi Seha
Saless S Crawler 07
Saless S Crawler 08
Traysheia Crawling Chaos
Saless S Crawler 09
Tigress Sup ShadeCrawl
Tasaiz S Shade Crawler
boozhwaa Shade Crawler
Snelling Cri-Kee 6+
Saless S Crawler 10
Smileus Nameless
l33tm4ntra Aginiee
dragonking food-s-065
Daxxy Rift Flea
Shaughna Nameless
Andminus Nameless
Saraena Nameless
Gradendine Sale Shade
OnTheRebound ShadeCrawler
Orome Nameless
Saless Nameless
Darkdrium Nameless
awesome101 Nameless
Jennia Scyther
azazelle Crabbicus
Rufamm Darth Flea
Meatpuppet Nameless
pira joe Shadow S
talon70726 Nameless
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