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Superb Rose Dragon List
Owner Creature
codered999 Kira
Vicenroy RB Me..
Vicenroy reset
Acrii Rosie
Acrii Rose
Seylen Penelope
Shaughna Rose
UncleHermit Warrior Shyvana
Saless Roselin
Saless Rodra
Armitage Fin Fang
Lurker Rosaceae
darvron Layla
codered999 Superb Dragon
codered999 Shredder
l33tm4ntra Eco
Shaughna Rosanna
Firebane Little Lou
Firebane Big Annis
Turtlewing Ivy
Amy750 Jill
Seylen Ingvildr
Smileus Thorne
darvron Lara
Renkore Nameless
LordKram Rosa
mute_undead Rose Fledgling
EatenByPie S.Rose Fledge
Tigress Sup RoseFledge
Tigress Sup RoseDragon
Orannis Rasputin
Morigana Rose Dragon
mute_undead Rose Dragon
Vicenroy Nameless
Phyrze Rosy
Phyrze Rosy 0
Phyrze Rosy 1
Phyrze Rosy 2
Phyrze Rosy 3
Phyrze Rosy 4
Saless S RD 01
Apokoliptic Sirocco
Apokoliptic Blaser
Saless S RD 02
Acrii SupRD1
LordKram Nameless
LordKram Nameless
Pyrithe Rosie
codered999 Nameless
codered999 Nameless
Erica Lingus Sup Rose Fledg
Apokoliptic Kaja
Devil Blade Nameless
Yamini RoseDragon
Alphalas S.RoseDragon
steelewulf S Rose
Saless S RD 03
Saless S RD 04
Saless S RD 05
SyarisSin Grusha
Maddragon Night Wing
Maddragon Night Twin
Micel Elisabeth
Acrii SupRD2
Acrii SupRD3
Acrii SupRD4
Saraena RoseDrgn-sprb
Dispeyr Velocity
Dispeyr Sanscoeur
Break Argen
Break Tina
Rehab Iraneth
Apokoliptic Nameless
Apokoliptic Nameless
Paracelsus Nameless
Alphalas S.RoseFledge 1
54m50n365 rose
darvron Leia
butz Rosalia
ayu224 Sup Rose
Divada Nameless
darvron Lea
Tasaiz S Rose
RoanSylvar Scarlet
Apokoliptic Nameless
Dispeyr Petoelaimen
Inaki Nameless
Snelling Doda 3
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