Egg Painting Shop


Poptin within the Moonlit Graveyard can paint eggs for you.

Painting Eggs

Successfully painting an egg will grant it a higher quality, but the higher the quality of the egg, the less of a chance there will be of it surviving.


Paint Chance

The following table lists the chances of painting an egg of various qualities.

Quality Base Chance
Poor -> Average 40%
Average -> Good 25%
Good -> Great 12.5%
Great -> Superb 1.25%
Superb Cannot be painted.

Please note that this table does not take into account bonuses from the Player Growth Attribute Painter Painter and the Credit Shop Key Item Painter's Beret .

Mass painting and normal painting will not make a difference in your results.

Creature Category Reduction

Creatures in a particular category, such as Nifle High Students, have a 90% reduction multiplied against your Painter bonuses when you attempt to paint their eggs.

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