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Superb Card Soldier List
Owner Creature
Raith B Card Soldier
Sunset SCS
Dranikos Angry Axe
Saless Tomokun
Saless S CS 01
Saless S CS 02
Acrii Carlos
Sharra Jak
Sunset SCS2
Nasafool Why not Spades?
Saless S CS 03
Daxxy Twisted Fate
Saless S CS 04
Risis ACard4Risky
Devil Blade 1BreedM5
spock Y super Card
Nagsink Gambit
spock Y Sup Card
odd bob Black Jack
Nanoc Bad Beat
Soulknife Ace
Dichotomy Thurgood
Shaughna Adam
Tokuchi_Toua Card Soldier
Tantor Poker
Tantor Nameless
ToddlyBumBum GinRummy
Lurker Decker
Torean Gambit
Mirei Nameless
Isis Carded
Gryph !Carlisle
Kadrin Gathering
Bren Card Soldier
Gulaben Hearts
Joehanson Shaco
butz Ace
DeathFoxLady Nameless
Mathylda King
Nasafool ACard4Nasa
Derth Marlow
Firebane Nameless
Firebane AcedJack
Daniel =^.^= Card
Daniel *FEB2013B-03
Aaleell Hyosuke
darkfox0 Ace
Grey Decker
Daniel *FEB2013B-01
Daniel *FEB2013B-02
Aaleell Caroll
DownTheDrain Nameless
Lan Jack
Lan Ace
Lan Joker
UncleHermit Heart of Cards
Maddragon Blood Lord
ZombieHunter Red Heart
Dispeyr Deuce Bigalow
Dispeyr Shuffleboredom
Dispeyr Ace Wyld
Saraena Joker
Smileus Ace Freely
Smileus Deuce Domino
lilymoncat Joker
steelewulf S Card Soldier
Rehab Slight
Break Hearts
butz SCS 1
darvron Herz Ass
Acrii SupCS1
Saless S CS 05
Acrii SupCS2
Acrii SupCS3
Saless S CS 06
Saless S CS 07
Saless S CS 08
RoanSylvar Redcard
darvron Kreuz Ass
Tenebrael King
Alphalas S.CardSoldier
awesome101 Nameless
Dispeyr House Fullerton
Tasaiz S Card
Tasaiz S Card 2
ByakuYakumo Nameless
Snelling Heartless 1+
SufferedDrop Sup Card
ZombieHunter Cardigan A
ZombieHunter Cardigan B
Dispeyr Ace Wylde
Esgaldin The River
Mathylda Nameless
UncleHermit Sir Wafer
ShadowDragon Nameless
Meatpuppet LAM Card
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