Custom Creature Creation Guide


The custom creation page can be accessed from two places: the Collectable Custom Shop and the Credit Shop. Where you access it will determine the currency you're charged.

You will not be charged anything until you actually send in the order, so play with the menu all you like, but please do be aware that it is closely moderated and any attempt to exploit this system will not end well for anyone involved.

Currencies Needed

You'll need either Unshaped Flesh (When accessed from the Collectable Custom Shop) or Credit (When accessed from anywhere else).

Go here to learn how to earn credit in game.

Unshaped Flesh

You can view how much Unshaped flesh you currently have under "Player>Account".

Unshaped Flesh can be earned once by completing the quest "Designer Customs", or continuously by Grinding Mutant Soul Puppets with this option in Bull Dozer's Shop during Episodes 3+.

Unshaped Flesh can also be used when editing a custom. Check the bottom of this lesson for further details.

Silver LESP Tokens

If you decide to create an Epic Custom you will need Silver LESP Tokens, which can be earned by Collecting Daily Rewards and winning certain chat events. Please do not bother asking about when chat events will occur, it is completely random. Epic Customs are explained further down the page.

You can learn more about Silver and other LESP Tokens right here.

Custom Menu Guide

General Options

There are numerous options you can tweak to make your custom how you want it.

Quality allows you to choose whether your custom will be Poor, Average, Good, Great, or Superb. The price of your custom increases as its quality increases. For example, a superb custom is the most expensive, while a poor puppet is cheapest. You can read more detailed information about creature quality here.

Battle Type allows you to choose whether your custom's type is Close, Ranged, Magic or Special. If you want to learn more about battle types, go here.

Species Name lets you decide what you want your custom to be called. It has no other current effect except for adding a personal touch to your custom.

Sex allows you to choose which gender your custom will be. Certain skills do have effects that are dependent on gender and some equips require that a creature be a specific sex.

Species Description is where you put in any details you want about your custom. Where did it come from, what does it like, and so on. Be creative and have fun with it!

Weapon allows you to choose what type of weapon your custom can wield. Please pick carefully, as each weapon type has varying stats and access to different Disciplines.

Style allows you to determine your creature's overall attractiveness. This is mostly used by breeding, but a few skills are influenced by it as well.

Attribute Options

The choices here allow you to make your custom's stat build. You are well advised to be very careful when selecting here, since the stats you decide will determine how effective any skills and attacks are, as well as how well your custom survives during fights.

Energy is split into two types, Hit Points and Endurance Points. HP is needed to keep the custom alive, while EP is needed to use its various skills. Every custom has a maximum of 400 points to split between HP and EP. Points are always spread between the two in groups of 20 points, and each requires a minimum of 20 points.

Statistics allows you to alter your custom's base stats. Each of the six stats start with a 60 point minimum that cannot be lowered. Then you have 100 stat points that can be divided among the six categories in groups of 10. You can do whatever you want with the 100 points, but it is best to try and mold them to suit your custom's battle type and whatever skills you plan for your puppet.

Weight Options allow you to modify the WHT of your custom. Lower WHT (below 100) will increase your creature's SPD, which may allow it to move sooner during battle. However, it will also lower the creature's STR. Keep in mind that raising WHT above 100 will have the opposite effect.

Elemental Affinity allows you to customize the elements your custom uses. It is best to try and match the elements with whichever skills you plan for your puppet.


We have two types of skill creation systems: Legacy and Templates. Click one radio box or the other to select the system you're interested in using. Additional details on both systems below.

About Legacy Skills
  • Legacy Skills are members of the old skill system, and built upon an existing old skill.
  • Legacy Skills will become uneditable System Skills if you didn't bother to customize them when making a new creature.
  • Legacy Skills, while kept workable, are difficult to maintain if a bug from their referenced skill happens.
  • There will be no further Legacy Skills added to the game.
  • Epic Customs can choose from many many powerful and/or restricted Legacy Skills.
About Template Skills
  • Template Skills allow you to select specific skill effects and even combine them if you're building an Epic Custom.
  • Template Skills can always be edited after a customs's creation.
  • Template Skills will be reconstructed occasionally to fix any bugs that may happen.
  • New Templates will be added as time goes on to further expand the Template Skill System.
  • Template Skills tend to have more readable and informative effects.
Making a Legacy Skill
  • Name - Erase what's here and enter your own to give your skill a unique name.
  • Description - Erase what's here and enter your own to give your skill a unique description (These are currently not being used any longer).
  • Element - Change the element of a skill with this selection box.
  • Kin - Change the kin of a skill with this selection box. Please note if the skill's kin power is 0%, this will have no effect.
Making a Template Skill
  • Name - Erase what's here and enter your own to give your skill a unique name.
  • Range - Pick a valid range for a future skill's level. Affects Energy Costs, Elemental damage, Kin Bonus damage and Accuracy.
  • Element - Select the element of your new skill with this selection box.
  • Kin - Select which kin receives damage bonus from your new kill with this selection box.
  • Energy Cost Type - Allows you to expend HP or EP to execute a skill. If you choose both, the cost will be split between HP and EP evenly.
  • Additional Effect - When you're making an Epic Custom, you'll be able to add an additional template's effect. Limitations:
    • Adding an additional effect increases its Energy Cost.
    • Adding an additional effect may decrease a skill's Accuracy.
    • Some Templates, like HP damage, are only selectable as a primary Template.


You have a choice of either using pre-made sprites that already exist on the site or uploading your own. Please note that uploading sprites will delay the processing of your order and require staff approval.

Finally, please read the contract. It contains very important information such as what happens if you accidentally delete your custom, as well as restrictions regarding copyrighted work.

Collectable Customs

Collectable Customs are Normal Customs with good, and unique enough, art to justify their inclusion in the Collectable Custom Shop for other players to purchase. Ignis will contact you directly if one of your Normal Customs interests him enough for you to qualify. Check out this lesson to learn more.

Fixing Mistakes

Custom Attribute/Skill Editing

You can edit the details of your custom and its skills via its Species Status Page. To find that page, click a creature's name, its Species Name. You can then click the Custom Editor button to begin. Please be aware that this action will consume 1 Unshaped Flesh.

Sprite Editing

Provided you did not choose Premade sprites when building it, you can edit and modify the sprites a custom is using. This does not cost any currency to do, but make sure you're following the rules located right here regarding any custom art.

Things You Cannot Edit

You cannot edit...

  • Non-custom skills. Typically a problem for older Customs.
  • Premade sprites were not selected for it.
  • A Custom's Quality after submission.
  • A Custom's Style after submission.