Le Chef in Onyx City and similar NPCs will allow your creatures to engage in cannibalism. You can cook a Soul Puppet and feed it to other creatures you own.

But that's not all, it also allows you to cook better EXP Food for Feeding.


You can find the restaurant by clicking the Insomniac's Diner within Onyx City.

EXP Food Requirements

You will need two types of items and coins to make meals for your Soul Puppets to eat within your Camp>Creatures menu.

Note that the Player Growth Attribute Cook Cook and the Credit Shop Key Item Oven Mitt decrease the cost of cooking and increase the total items you will receive.

Evil Stew Requirements

You will need to meet several requirements before you can begin preparing an Evil Stew.

  • The Soul Puppet that will be eaten cannot be level 1 or an egg.
  • The creature that will be fed cannot be level 99 or an egg.
  • You will need more Evil Vegetables for stronger meals.
  • Higher level and quality creatures will require more coins to be prepared.
  • The creature being cooked must not be a Limited Edition Soul Puppet.

Note that the coin cost of cooking a creature is decreased by the Player Growth Attribute Cook Cook and the Credit Shop Key Item Oven Mitt .

Evil Vegetables, the item used to create Evil Stew, can be bought here from the Credit Shop.

Evil Stew EXP Transfer Rate

There are a variety of ways you can improve the EXP transfer rate of your meal.

  • By increasing your Player Growth Attribute Cook Cook, which gives a 20% EXP transfer boost when maxed.
  • Making sure the meal is of a higher quality. The rates for quality are as follows:
    1. Poor 10% EXP transfer.
    2. Average 20% EXP transfer.
    3. Good 30% EXP transfer.
    4. Great 40% EXP transfer.
    5. Superb 50% EXP transfer.
  • Purchasing the Credit Shop Key Item Oven Mitt which gives a 15% EXP transfer boost.
  • A higher difficulty setting.
    1. Nightmare gives a 5% EXP transfer boost.
    2. Daisy Pusher gives a 10% EXP transfer boost.

Evil Stew Player EXP

Players will not receive experience when their creature levels up from cooking Evil Stew.

Meal's Fate

All creatures that are fed to a recipient are lost forever, so be very careful when using this shop.

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