Limited Edition Soul Puppet Availability


I've heard a lot of different concerns and questions from players about LESPs and their availability. I want to do my best to be honest and transparent about what your chances of getting things here are and, more importantly, not make it too much of a hassle to do so - within reason of course.

Generally as time here has went on I've tried to offer people more for their money. As I coded and improved the reward system I also added new types of rewards. This is a double edged sword of course, because doing more makes people expect more.

The LESP system is a constantly evolving one, and this page was last updated on June 19th 2018. I apologize if there's any discrepency between when I wrote this and now. You can let me know about such things under "Help>Report a Problem".

Methods of Obtaining Any Quality LESPs

Over the years there's been more and more ways to acquire LESPs added to the game. Here's the current list of them:

  • Buying them at release date.
    Usually the most convenient method when available.
  • Buying them when they get re-released later.
    During a re-release a LESP may be a bit more expensive than it's original pricing. Please be aware that unsuccessful LESPs may not get a chance of being re-released.
  • LESP Token use at least 3 months after its closing release/re-release date. Read more here.
    Your chance with this option is going to be determined by the rarity rank of a LESP. Check out the Information>Token Chance list for more details.
  • By using specific perfumes in the Breeding Shop, like Germination Aroma and Sang De Dragon. Read more about the shop here.
    Abysmal chance of success.
  • By opening LESP Gifts that can be acquired from certain sidequests. Read more about sidequests here.
    Before you get your hopes up too much, these are never repeatable rewards. You'll get one LESP Gift from a particular quest, usually based on either your amount of access or performance in said quest, and that's the only one you're getting, even if you repeat it.
  • Trades with other players. Read more here.
    Community determined pricing. Only allowed so long after a LESP's release ends.
  • Auctions from other players. Read more here.
    Community determined pricing. Only allowed so long after a LESP's release ends.
  • Super special promotions and events. Keep an eye on the news.
    Rarely happens.

It is more than possible to collect every official LESP in the game and at least one completely new one is released each month. The method you use to accomplish this depends entirely on you.

Methods of Obtaining Superb LESPs

  • Paying the Guaranteed Superb Price at either a release or a re-release date. Read more here.
  • Each LESP Token used has a very small chance of giving you a Superb. Read more here.
  • Use of LESP Essences in the Grinding Shop. Read more here.