If you aren't interested in this month's LESP rewards or you already have them, you can put the LESP credit associated with your regular credit purchase toward next release instead, but only when it is available. Here are a few points of interest about it:

  • Additional rewards for the coming month may be added anytime after your pre-order, you will receive these as well.
  • Existing unreleased rewards may be removed or have their pricing changed before their release date. This is mostly due to scripting mistakes I may have done and will affect all pre-orders for that month.
  • If you pre-order multiple times during the same month, those amounts will be added together into a single pre-order.
  • Pre-orders will be processed randomly at midnight on the date of their release. This will give a larger number of players a chance at a first Superb of a LESP.

Simply select "Yes" under the pre-order options menu to see what known rewards are being offered next month.

Mid-Month Releases

An LESP released in the middle of the month can be pre-ordered as well, and Guaranteed Superb LESP credit will usually carry over for that month. This means that ordering early in the month may earn you free superb LESPs of the mid-month release. This will be reflected in the pre-order's preview info.

You can read more about Guaranteed Superbs here.

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