Gamer/Normal Boss Trophies - Click an entry to see more details.

Normal Beelzebird

Normal Satan Claws

Normal Demon Babies

Normal S. A. M

Normal Leprechaun

Normal Jack Frost

Normal Gay Pride Incubus

Normal Terrorist Efreet

Normal Gift Box

Normal Snowpeye

Normal Phelps

Normal Bertha

Normal Big Jack

Normal Guido Fawkes

Normal Unloved Succubus

Normal Cumit

Normal Rave

Normal Elza

Normal Demon Seed

Normal Blind Lil' Witch

Normal Vestige

Normal Mecha Demon

Normal Spectral Toymaker

Normal Charon

Normal Carcass Tumor

Normal Wise Men

Normal Beelzebub

Normal Mammon

Normal Belphegor

Normal Envy

Normal Amon

Normal Lilith

Normal Lucifer

Normal Three Valkyries

Normal Toymaker's Shadow

Normal Gabriel

Normal Aderyn

Normal Lumar

Normal Ballist

Normal Ember

Normal Atlas

Normal Lotus

Normal Eddy Gein

Normal Rosy West

Normal Amelia Dier

Normal Tainted Vitae

Normal Bryn

Normal Fool

Normal Tu Di

Normal Janus

Normal Bandrach

Normal Randgrid

Normal Unholy Ghost

Normal Ingrid

Normal Scartia

Normal Kara

Normal Malice

Normal Vicky

Normal Rend

Normal Aquarius

Normal Hey-Zeus

Normal Gorcken

Normal Hermes

Normal Sigrdrifa

Normal Vanity

Normal Nemesis

Normal Greck

Normal Pierce

Normal Helga

Normal Bruno

Normal Willis

Normal Zeernebooch

Normal Festive Devil

Normal Krampus

Normal Deadly Siblings

Normal Marauders

Normal Demon God

Normal Big Bad Wolf

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