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Trade Change - By Ignis

I've decided that, for now, you can trade a new LESP you own as soon as its release period ends.
Posted On: 2021-01-12 14:08:02

Dungeon Crawler Toi Update - By Ignis

Dungeon Crawler Toi's Spear generation skill has been modified to use the new equip discovery system.
Posted On: 2021-01-09 14:19:12

New Pocket Nightmare - By Ignis

A new Pocket Nightmare called Zombob has been added to the game. Shouldn't be hard to know where to catch him!
Posted On: 2021-01-09 14:11:13

An American Hero Died - By Ignis

We salute Officer Brian D. Sicknick for dying in the line of duty to protect what little of a democracy we have left.
Posted On: 2021-01-08 08:26:42

PVP Ranking Result - By Ignis

The players listed below were the top contenders for the PVP ranking. You can read more about it right here.
  • Eiluned placed #1 with a PVP Rank of 9,510 and received 1 LESP Token and 1000 credit..
  • Dispeyr placed #2 with a PVP Rank of 5,860 and received 1 LESP Token.
  • Saless placed #3 with a PVP Rank of 2,830 and received 300 credit.
  • Oldkerbin placed #4 with a PVP Rank of 1,495 and received 300 credit.
  • zBIz placed #5 with a PVP Rank of 155 and received 300 credit.
  • Keiry placed #6 with a PVP Rank of 60 and received 300 credit.
The PVP Ranking has now been reset in preparation for the next season! You can view the current ranking under Community>Ranking>View Highest Ranking for PVP anytime.
Posted On: 2021-01-01 00:01:12