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New Quick Action: Activity - By Ignis

I've added an Activity Rewards Quick Action for people with Support Status. This menu will not only automatically claim the rewards you've earned when it loads, but also link you to the pages where you can complete said activities if you haven't yet.

if you don't see the new button under Camp>Quick Actions, select "all buttons" to activate the new button. You can change back to enabled buttons only afterwards. Enjoy and thanks for supporting the game.
Posted On: 2020-03-27 18:36:48

Ciki Order Mistakes, Fixes - By Ignis

Alright there's been a few mistakes with the Ciki Orders. Let me explain what happened here:

1. The Ciki order was its own separate release. We don't do guaranteed Superb Credit across releases here anymore because newbies are unlikely to understand it. Bet this message even confused a newbie just now.

2. If you contributed enough during the Camgirl Elf release, you were probably, mistakenly, given a free superb of Ciki. Those mistakes were deleted, but you'll still have the in-game receipt for it. Ignore that.

3. I did not properly clear data last night which prevented some people that actually earned a Superb from receiving it. Note that this wasn't a bug in the game, rather my own screw up not clearing data properly within the automated system.

4. If you didn't receive a Ciki related reward, and you know you contributed during the Ciki period because pre orders weren't available, contact me via in-game mail.

5. Future orders should work just fine, but I'm always around if I screwed up worse than I thought last night.

6. If you're more interested in Ciki than you are Snow Fox, and you have an pre-order prepared for Snow Fox, you can cancel it under Player>Account to claim the Ciki rewards instead right now.
Posted On: 2020-03-16 10:11:25

New April Events - By Ignis

A bunch of new April events have been added to the game. You can check them out right here.
Posted On: 2020-03-12 19:17:57

Grinding For Event Points - By Ignis

Unfortunately after observing my logs i clearly underestimated how many filthy SPs people having sitting around.

Since this was undermining my monthly events along with any future ways to earn points that I could add, I have heavily nerfed the amount of event points you can get from filthy SP grinding.
Posted On: 2020-03-12 14:40:45

Alternate Color Outfits - By Ignis

You may notice an alternate color outfit available for some of your lesps. The way you'll unlock these (hint, April monthly event related) will be fully explained later.

Here's the list:
Prey Toi
Camgirl Elf
Bride Neko
Intergalactic Nymphoid
Eldritch Witch
Snow Fox
Snooty Pricess
Author Elf
Cyber Bunny
Bladefinger Banshee
Posted On: 2020-03-09 00:08:52