Player Versus Player Battles


PVP battles have different EXP rewards and rules; as well, they are not instantaneous. You will need to wait for your opponent to take actions.

Creating A PVP Game

To reach the PVP creation menu, do the following:

  1. Click PVP Room within the community menu near the top of your window.
  2. Click the button.

You should now be confronted with the PVP Creation menu.

Rule Set 1 & 2

There are two sets of rules here and you can only choose one from each set. The following table will explain their effects during battle:

Rule Description EXP Bonus
Demonic Potato Demonic Potato A twisted game of hot potato: This devilish vegetable will slowly devour the HP and EP of any poor creature holding it. Successfully hit/strike an enemy to pass it to the other player's team. 10%
Time Death Time Deathr Instantly kills the team of the player if he/she does not choose an action in time. Please note that even turned off, this rule will still execute if you are not taking action for too many turns. 10%
Damage Reduction DMG Down Damage from Skills and normal Attacks will be reduced by 50% during PVP games. 20%
Buffs Buffs This may or may not give a member of each team an increasing or decreasing attribute buff. 15%
Sickness Sickness This may or may not give a creature on each team a random sickness. 20%
Scaler Scaler Down scales a higher level opponent to be on even ground attribute wise with its opponent. Enabled by default. Scroll down for further details on how scaler will affect you. Please note that only creatures level 40 or higher can access scaled matches. 0%
No Powerful Creatures No Powerful Creatures Allows users to prevent strong creatures like Limited Edition Soul Puppets from joining their game. 0%

Time Limit

All PVP battles must have a time limit. This prevents players from being locked in battle with someone that has either left, or is taking too long to choose actions.

It is possible to adjust this limit while creating a PVP battle. You should choose what you feel is both comfortable for you and suitable for your internet connection.

Item Limit

Item limitations are in place by default to prevent players with many items taking advantage of players with few. If you would like to remove this limit, select .


Scaler will check for the lowest level creature in a party and down scale every other creature according to its stats. Rebirthing is taken into account with this calculation.

Scaler will also do the following:

  • Sickness Attack will be reduced to 0 for every creature.
  • Discipline Rating , Critical , Block and Style will be reduced to 0 for every creature.
  • Elements will be reduced to a species value for every creature.
  • Skills that are too high of a level will be disabled.
  • Enchantments will be disabled for every creature.

This means there are only the following ways you can improve your odds in PVP:

Please note that the lowest level creature decreases EXP gained in PVP to his or her level, so it is considered bad form to misbalance your party.

For your reference, creature attributes calculate in this direction: Starting Battle Stats->Scaler Alteration->Formation Buffs->Battle Buffs->Discipline Buffs->Possession Bonuses->Offline Defense Bonuses.

Duel Or Battle?

If you would like to battle against another player using one creature each, choose Duel. Otherwise, choose Battle mode, which will be party based the same way Story Battles are.

Experience Rewards

Experience rewards in PVP are based on the strength of the lowest leveled participating creature. This means that if a player joins the game with a level 1 creature, you will both receive virtually nothing in experience at the end of the battle.

However, if both parties are reasonably matched the experience rewards are quite sufficient, and further increased by playing with certain rules during PVP.

Note that the longer a PVP battles takes to finish, the more EXP you will receive.

Credit Rewards

For your first 10 PVP games a day, you will be able to receive an amount of credit determined by the type of PVP game you took part in, and whether or not you won.


When fighting other players in the PVP Room, your PVP Ranking will change differently under the following conditions:

  • If you battle instead of duel a player, you will receive extra points.
  • If you defeat a player with a higher ranking than you, you will receive extra points.
  • If you lose to a player with a higher ranking than you, you will receive less points.
  • If you defeat a player with a lower ranking than you, you will receive less points.
  • If you lose to a player with a lower ranking than you, you will receive less points.
  • If you tie there will be no change in the ranking of either the winner or the loser.

You can view your current PVP Ranking within the "Player>Account" page. You can view another player's within their public profile page.

Ranking Rewards

  • The player in 1st place will receive 1 LESP Token and 1,000 Credit .
  • The player in 2nd place will receive 1 LESP Token.
  • The players in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th place will receive 300 Credit .
  • The other players that ranked will receive 25 Credit .

Tips & Tricks

  • You will not lose spirit spirit during PVP.
  • The entire server is notified when you've created a game.
  • PVP notices will be listed in the SP taskbar. Join quickly and have fun!
  • In most cases, keep the scaler rule Scaler on, or you will be assaulted by powerful teams you are no match for.
  • At higher levels, PVP experience is usually much greater than story battle experience.
  • Click your own avatar to view your profile, and the opposing player's avatar to view theirs in PVP.
  • If you use a low level creature on your party in PVP, you will reduce experience for both you and the opposing player.
  • Time outs in PVP will either kill you or make you lose a battle turn. Beware!
  • If you block a player via their profile menu, they will no longer be able to join you in PVP.
  • Poltergeist's Possession has absolutely no effect in PVP.