There are a variety of sicknesses you can inflict on your enemies and can often make boss battles much easier.


You can inflict sicknesses upon your opponents in two ways; with a weapon that carries the disease, or with a skill that utilizes it. For example, if a blade has the effect of causing Sleepsleep at 5%, the creature using it will have a 5% chance of inflicting Sleepsleep with its normal attack.

Skills with a sickness work a bit differently. For example, if a Neko Neko uses Kitty Bomb with a 25% Sleepsleep chance, and is wearing an axe with a 10% Sleepsleep chance, Kitty Bomb will execute with a 35% chance of causing Sleepsleep to its targets instead.

However, if a Neko Neko uses Earth Cracker or Power Thrust there will be no Sleepsleep effect used at all, because these skills do not have a base Sleepsleep chance.

Sickness Refreshing

Please note that if a creature belongs to another player and you have sickened a creature for several turns, you cannot inflict that same sickness on that particular creature again until it expires. For example, if a Neko Neko is afflicted with Blind blind, you cannot inflict Blind blind on that Neko again until the turn the illness fades away, but you can inflict her with Sleep sleep instead.

This applies only to player owned creatures to negate locking down and frustrating people during PVP, so enemies in the story can have their sicknesses refreshed.


Your resistance to sicknesses can also be increased. For example, if a creature is wearing armor with 5% Stonestone, a Stonestone attack will need at least a value of 6% to have even a 1% chance of succeeding.


The following table lists the different types of sicknesses and their effects in battle:

death Death after 2 Turns Kills after several turns, setting its Current HP to 0.
sleep Lasts 6 Turns Puts the victim to sleep, preventing it from taking action. It also restores a small amount of a target's HP and EP. Note that being successfully struck by any attack will awaken the affected creature.
stone Lasts 5 Turns Petrifies the victim, preventing it from taking action.
rot Lasts 6 Turns Makes a creature slowly rot away, resulting in damage from EP and HP recovering skills as well as items.
blind Lasts 4 Turns Damages a creature's vision, resulting in a 75% reduction to the ACC value of the victim's skills and attacks. This sickness also disables the creature's ability to launch a critical attack, and blocks Bloodstain Bonuses.
venom Lasts 5 Turns Poisons the victim's bloodstream, causing it to gradually lose HP and EP.
seal Lasts 7 Turns Seals away the power of a creature, preventing it from using skills during battle, and blocks Enchantment Bonuses.
drain Lasts 6 Turns Drains the victim of blood, gradually lowering its HP and occasionally granting some of it to a member of the opposing team.