Bloodstains grants an equip unique bonuses during battle and attribute boosts when equipped.

Applying Bloodstains

There are two ways to assign a Bloodstain to a weapon. Please note that like most features here, this ability is hidden when you first start the game and unlocked later on.

  • Go to an equip's status menu and click "Bloodstain".
  • Go to the "Camp>Equipment" menu and click the Bloodstain icon below the equip instead.

Staining a weapon consumes 100 blood drops, and using too much may decrease your Blood Diary progress and/or decreases respect Mercenaries have for you.


  • A creature must meet a minimum level in order to activate a Bloodstain's effects.
  • Only weapons can be stained with the blood of your enemies.

Bloodstains List

The Bloodstain list can be accessed by going to "Information>Bloodstains".

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