Enchanting grants an equip unique bonuses it would not have otherwise. This could be things such as an extra attack during battle or a dramatically enhanced elemental attack.

Terms to Know

  • Natural Enchantment - Most, but not all, pieces of equipment have these. They are something each equip type has assigned to it. For example, a Golden Ascia (Axe) only has a chance of acquiring the Skillful Enchantment upon being generated by the game.
  • Sealed Enchantment - A Natural Enchantment that was not activated upon being generated by the game.
  • Random Enchantment - This is an Enchantment that is randomly assigned to an equip.
  • Held Enchantment - Whether natural or random, this is the Enchantment a piece of equipment currently has active.

Acquiring Enchantments

Currently there are four ways for an equip to acquire an Enchantment:

  • It naturally occurs when an equip is generated. This is influenced by the Player Growth Attribute Armsman .
  • A random one is assigned by the LESP Enchantress Kitsune. You can read more about her special skill right here.
  • Its natural Enchantment is unsealed by an Unsealing Stone. The chance of this is influenced by the Player Growth Attribute Enchanter .
  • Its random Enchantment can be applied to an equip with an unsealed enchantment with Dragon Stones. The chance of this is influenced by the Player Growth Attribute Enchanter .

Unsealing Enchantments

To Unseal an equip's natural Enchantment, click its faded Enchantment icon within your 'Camp>Equipment' menu, and then click the 'Enchant' button. An Unsealing Stone is required to complete this action.

The Unsealing Stone is acquired from Dismantling equipment. Go to the Dismantling Lesson to learn what the chance of acquiring one is influenced by.

Unsealing Chance

The chance of Unsealing a Natural Enchantment is increased by the Player Growth Attribute Enchanter and decreased by the rarity of the Enchantment. Therefore more powerful Enchantments will be more difficult to successfully unseal.

Natural Chance

A Natural Enchantment's chance of occurring is decreased by its rarity and increased by the Player Growth Attribute Armsman .

Type/Category Restrictions

  1. Each specific type of equip usually has a Natural Enchantment it can gain upon generation. This means that a Samburu spear can only naturally receive Dexterity, and a Wallarmbrust can only naturally receive Skillful.
  2. Enchantments are also restricted to a general category of equipment. For example, only weapons can have Bleeder, and only shields can ever have Immunity.

Enchantment List

The enchantment list can be accessed by going to "Information>Enchantments".

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