Dismantling gives you a chance to acquire marbles and items that were used to create various equips. However, keep in mind that you can only acquire items from Buildable equips. View this lesson for more details on how to build equips.


Equipment can be Dismantled within your equipment inventory page under "Camp>Equipment". Simply select the equip you wish to Dismantle there and click the button.

Marble Acquiring Chance

The overall rarity of a marble will greatly influence your chance at successfully acquiring it via Dismantling. For example, you have a much lower chance of getting a Very Rare marble compared to a Common one.

Furthermore, low level pieces of equipment, such as Tremor , will have a lower chance of rewarding you with its marbles than a higher level equip like the Mad Raven Hat .

The Player Growth Attribute Dismantler Dismantler and the Credit Shop Key Item Silver Wrench can considerably improve your chance of Dismantling marbles, but the overall success rate will still be low and far from guaranteed.

Mastery Badge Acquiring Chance

Mastered equips have a fairly high chance of granting you a Mastery Badge Mastery Badge when Dismantled, which can be a good alternative to spending credit when you need them.

Mastered equips can be found often if a user has a maxed out Player Growth Attribute Armsman Armsman and the Credit Shop Key Item Magic Gauntlet .

Unsealing Stone Acquiring Chance

When Enchanted equips are Dismantled you have a small chance of acquiring an Unsealing Stone. This chance is increased by the rarity of the equip's Held Enchantment and the Player Growth Attribute Dismantler .

Building Item Acquiring Chance

You will always receive items when Dismantling a built equip. The amount you receive will be increased by your Player Growth Attribute Dismantler Dismantler and the Credit Shop Key Item Silver Wrench.

Sacrificed Creatures and Equips

You cannot recover creatures or equips that were sacrificed via Equipment Building through Dismantling.

Space Management Limitations

If you don't have space during Dismantling, items will simply be deleted and cannot be recovered. Marbles, however, will be sent to the "Player>Rewards>Pending" menu. Be sure to claim them quickly there or you may lose them as well.

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