Special Limited Edition Skills


Some Limited Edition Soul Puppets have skills that offer you access to things that would normally cost you credit. These include, but are not limited to, Enemy Eggs and rare equipment building materials.

Special Skill Types

The following is a complete list of these special skills and how each of them work:

Nifleball Throwing

WARNING: This feature is in its early development stages and could vary a little bit or even wildly upon its final release or as development of the new Pocket Nightmares catching system continues.

Using the "Throw Nifleball" skill the Gamer Succubus has, there's a chance of catching most typical enemies. It is also the only way to capture Pocket Nightmares.

Note that the "Throw Nifleball" skill has no cooldown, but only Superb Gamer Succubi can use Superb Nifleballs.

Limitations & Requirements:

  • A creature must be alive in order to capture it and revert it into an egg.
  • A supply of Nifleballs is needed to use it, which can be acquired from the Nifleball Backpacks Gamer Succubus produces once a day.
  • Only creatures of the categories listed on this page can be captured this way.
  • The only way to acquire Pocket Nightmares will be by using this skill.
  • There are no plans to ever allow Gamer Succubus to be tradeable or available via LESP Tokens.

If you're interested in the chance of a Nifleball working, ckeck out the lesson Help>Tutorials>Pocket Nightmares>Nifleballs.

Tattoo Removal

Skills like the Nurse Undine's Laser Removal allow you to remove both ruined and beneficial tattoos from other creatures and themselves. However, the following rules apply:

  • The chance of a successful tattoo removal is influenced by the LESP's quality.
  • The portion of the body a tattoo will be removed from is determined by the LESP's color, which can be changed here.

    Use the following list to determine which color is needed for which tattooed area:
    1. Poor (1) Coloring. Targets Chest tattoos.
    2. Average (2) Coloring. Targets Arm tattoos.
    3. Good (3) Coloring. Targets Leg tattoos.
    4. Great (4) Coloring. Targets Tramp Stamp tattoos.
    5. Superb (5) Coloring. Targets Upper Back tattoos.
  • You can remove ruined tattoos from other player's creatures, but not beneficial ones.
Gene Granting

Mad Neko's Big Shot allows you to wipe a creature's current genes and may replace them with new ones. The maximum number of new genes that may be added to a creature is determined by the quality of the creature using it in battle.

  • Poor quality users may grant up to one gene.
  • Average and Good quality users may grant up to two genes.
  • Great quality users may grant up to three genes.
  • Superb quality users may grant up to four genes.

The chance of acquiring various genes is the same as the Gene Shop.

The following items enhance the function of this skill:

  • Draconic Gene Enhancement is automatically used by her skill and offers the maximum number of Genes you can acquire from either this skill or Genetic Recombination.
  • Zombie Worm Injector can be used from a creature's status screen to protect one gene from either this skill or Genetic Recombination. Please note that this is not a way to add additional genes, and the amount of new genes applied will be decreased by one.
Random Enchanting

The Enchanting Kitsune's Enchantment Spell allows the player to replace existing or non-existing Enchantments on a creature's equipment with new random ones.

The chance of receiving Enchantments with this skill is increased by the Player Growth Attribute Enchanter .

The quality of the Enchanting Kitsune influences which category of equips the Enchantment Spell will affect:

Please remember that more than one equip a creature holds can be affected by the Enchantment Spell.

Item Producing

By utilizing the button within your Camp menu you will be able to create special items with your Limited Edition Soul Puppets once a day.

You can see what types of items, if any, a LESP is able to produce via their status screen. You can usually encounter this page by clicking their species name when it is underlined.

Equip Producing

Currently limited to in-battle skill usage, LESPs such as Little Riding Inu can produce random equip of a given category. Both the level of the equip and the chance of receiving a buildable equip are influenced by the quality of the creature using the skill.

Equip Production Table
QualityHighest Equip Level PossibleBuildable Equip Chance
Poor 20 1%
Average 40 2%
Good 60 3%
Great 80 4%
Superb 90 8%

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