About Nifleballs

Nifleballs can be acquired from the Nifleball Backpack, an item produced daily by the LESP Gamer Succubus.

Please be aware that Nifleballs are also only usable by the Gamer Succubus and her free additional form Trainer Succubus.

These balls allow you to catch a creature of the following categories:

Nifleball Catch Rate

The catch rate varies depending on the category of creatures being targeted and the method being used, such as Quick Action or skill use. Pocket Nightmares are more difficult to encounter, but much easier to catch than other creatures.

Please remember that when using Gamer Succubus' "Nifleball Throw" skill she will always use the best Nifleball she has available unless the Credit Shop Key Item Selective Monocle specifies otherwise.

Pocket Nightmare Catch Chance

Here is how the chance of catching a Pocket Nightmares is determined:

Please keep in mind the following:

  • Caught Pocket Nightmares will be reverted to level 1, but not as an egg.
  • Nifleballs with a form listed will only work on Pocket Nightmares that match it.
Enemy, Extra or Mercenary Catch Chance

Here is how the chance of catching an Enemy, Extra or Mercenary is determined:

  • Current health of the creature:
    • 100% HP: +1% chance.
    • 75% HP: +10% chance.
    • 50% HP: +20% chance.
    • 25% HP: +30% chance.
  • Diseases afflicting the creature:
    • Venom OR Rot OR Drain : +5%
    • Sleep OR Blind OR Seal OR Stone : +10%
  • Ball affected chance:
  • Quality affected chance:
    • Poor Enemy, Extra or Mercenary 0%
    • Average Enemy, Extra or Mercenary -5%
    • Good Enemy, Extra or Mercenary -10%
    • Great Enemy, Extra or Mercenary -25%
    • Superb Enemy, Extra or Mercenary -50%

Caught Standard Creatures will be reverted to a level 1 Egg.

Nifleball Shakes

If you failed capturing a creature, the more the Nifleball shook the closer you were to catching it!

Quick Action Catch Chance

By owning the Credit Shop Key Item Training Badger, you can activate the Nifleball Throw Quick Action.

Unlike normal catching, quick action targets will be random, and your success chance will be cut by a third.

There are currently no plans to allow Pocket Nightmares to be caught this way.

If you want to omit the use of a Nifleball from either the Quick Action or skill, you can utilize the Credit Shop Key Item Selective Monocle to hide them from those actions.

Catching Tips
  • Disable Story Guests under "Player>Account>Game Options" so they will not kill a Pocket Nightmare you're hunting.
  • Use sickness attacks that do minimal damage or none at all, such as Bloody Mary's Amnesia skill.
  • Pocket Nightmares disappear when beaten, so make good use of the Extra Skill False Claw to weaken the monster without killing it. This should have been added to your Skill Book after you purchased a Gamer Succubus.