Tattoo Shop


Tattoo shops allow you to modify a creatures attributes, making them more customizable and stronger. Your creatures are allowed up to 5 different tattoos, each assigned to a unique body part.


You can find the first tattooing shop by visiting Happy Screams Tattoos in Onyx City.


Tattoos have the following limitations:

  • You are not allowed to have more than one tattoo on each body part.
  • All tattoos have a level requirement.
  • If a tattoo is ruined during its application, it will be stuck on the wearer until it is burned off.
  • During burn off, all tattoos will be removed, not just ruined ones.


You can increase your odds of a successful tattooing, and decrease the coin costs associated, with the Player Growth Attribute Tattooist Tattooist and the Credit Shop Key Item Tattoo Machine.

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