Why Play Puppet Nightmares?

Lewd Monster Girls

Lots of Lewd Monster Girls

Collect hundreds of lewd monster girls with both luck and effort. Level them up and watch them grow.

Twisted Storyline

A Delightfully Twisted Story

Defeat a Toymaker crafting Puppets in early 1900's Germany, snatching the souls of children to animate toys for his twisted board game.

Challenging Battles

Challenging Battles

Use Soul Puppets, dolls animated by your own spirit, to defeat difficult battles. Casual difficulty also available.

Customize Your Party

Form a party of creatures with unique color palettes, skills, tattoos, and upgrades. You can even create your own sexy critters from scratch.

Plenty of Content

Unlock special creatures, complete sidequests, conquer challenges, collect skills, research genes, and more to enhance your monsters.

Join Puppet Nightmares and embark on an epic journey of monster collection, customization, and domination.