Why Play Puppet Nightmares?

Get Lewd With Our Monsters

These naughty monster girls are ready to destroy your enemies while they tantalize your senses! Take off their clothes, enlarge their breasts, add dicks, or change their colors entirely in a multitude of different ways.

Please note that available options will vary from creature to creature.

Created by One Developer... learning from friends.

This game has been owned, operated, and updated since 2009 by me, a single, nerdy developer. For better or worse, most of the art and coding were made by me.

I am frequently available within the game's chat interface at reasonable hours if you need help.

All profit goes to supporting my family and the game. This game does not turn a profit from the minimal external ads it displays.

Delightfully Twisted Story

Embark on a journey to save your little brother's soul from the Toymaker in the early 1900s. Various NPCs will help, allure or hinder you as you travel through the perverted world and slaughter any monsters foolish enough to get in your way.

Your gender or sexual identity can be chosen at signup and updated whenever you like, with NPCs engaging you with your preferred pronouns. No one will be allowed to attack you for being different here.

However, please remember that this game's story is dark and twisted and may offend you with its atheist humor and content. You have been warned.

Your Kind of Challenge

Adjust the game's difficulty to your liking, raising or lowering it when you need to in-game. Every bit of the game's story can be accessed by your chosen difficulty, with no exceptions.

Hundreds of Collectables

After hearing I've worked on this game since 2009, it's doubtless you aren't surprised to hear that there is much to collect, with more creatures added monthly.

For our premium creatures, you can gacha with a free daily token, trade your way to earning them, or even consider supporting the game and be greatly rewarded. It's your choice.

Customize Monsters

You can build new monsters from scratch for free after venturing far enough in the main story.

Aside from that fact, we also have a multitude of ways for your to enhance your creatures powers:

Enhance your creature's equipment with custom names, stat-raising smithing, attribute-boosting marbles, passive bonus enchantments, or the blood of your lewd enemies to grant new powers.

Improve the creature's themselves with tattooing for stat modifications, becoming infected by positive STDs, assigning disciplines, earning new breeding fetishes, modifying their genes, learning new skills, or even stealing enemy skills.

This game is deep, and you could spend hours tinkering with one creature to perfection, let alone the hundreds of others you can collect.

Advanced Breeding

Want to breed new creatures? You'll have to work for it. Produce brand-new or chosen species with a deep system that requires you to consider a creature's species, attractiveness, quality, fetishes, genes, and perfumes for the best results.

Feedback Taken Seriously

Have you got any ideas for improving the game? Share them at "Help>Make a Suggestion", and the community will vote on them! And be sure to let me know of any problems with the "Help>Report a Problem" menu to earn rewards.

Final Word

Whether or not you've decided PN is the game for you, I appreciate you skimming through the content list and considering my monster titty game.

If you're ready to sign up, head this way. Otherwise, I hope you have a fantastic day, and if you'd like to reach me about a problem the website is having or lost your password, please visit the Contact Page and e-mail me for assistance.