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Superb Jack-in-the-Box List
Owner Creature
Nanoc Jack
Sunset Jack-in-the-box
Orannis Poppy
Dranikos Jack
Daniel =^.^= Old Jack
Devil Blade S Jack1
spock Tasty Jack
Traverie Jibsporf
Acrii Douchewanker
Saless Jackie
Saless S JITB 01
puyuyu S JITB 02
Dreamseer Super Jacl
Leviculus Superb Jack
Magus S Jack-in-a-Box
Galdareth Jack Around
NalkyrMaloth Jack Inbox
butz Jacko
Tigress Sup JacknBox
UncleHermit Clown of Death
Nevrim superb jack
Scallingd [S] Jack-in-Box
Galdareth Trade Jack
Azeldan Chuckles
Devardi Nameless
Terenos Rolf
darvron Joker
FrostDragon Eso
kalis khrom Fred in the Box
Victis Jack Boxed
Moyu S-extra 2
Tillasha .JackinBox
Naywi Jack Slash
Masterokena S JITB 02
Shade SJack 1
darthbeandip Boxy Brown
Andminus Muto
Lau jackbox
mute_undead Jack-in-the-Box
Shaughna Jek
Gryph S-Ex-Sup 1
Twisted13 Nameless
Krohm {CX} Jack Box
darthbeandip Sup Jacknbox
CouchCop S. Popper
SrgtRoxas Nameless
Raguzert Jackie
darthbeandip Sup Jacknbox2
David9195 Jackie
Smileus Pennywise
mute_undead S JITB 02
Savinien Bento
VergilCypher Jack-in-the-box
Cackler Boxed Child
Foxie Sup Jack
hawkeyepeers Jack Attack
Jubin Nameless
Niko Sale JitB
giovaski S.JackBox01
Cackler Jack 01
darthbeandip Spare Jack box
Phantom12 Credit 12 0
Alphalas S.J-I-T-B
bruinthor sJackInTheBox
Gryph ZSupExFood B 6
Gryph ZSupExFood B 9
Maddragon The Mortifactor
DundasGarth Scudamore
Snelling Lando 1+
Snelling Lando Vir+
Lurker Nameless
Snelling Lando 2+
Saless S JITB 02
Etchie Nameless
steelewulf S Jack-N-Box
Saless S JITB 03
doket JackO
Mathylda Jack
Gryph ZSupExFood B 15
Vicenroy Nameless
Saless S JITB 04
Saless S JITB 05
Guillermo Jack in the Box
Esgaldin Jakky
Gryph ZSupExFood B 24
Natani namedex 5
bbmiroku Jackass
Sinistre Jaxkbox
Gryph ZSupExFood C 2
Saless S JITB 06
Wolfchen Jackson
CaptEgo Jack-inthe-Box
Yamini S JITB 07
Chezsta Jack in Box 4
Dispeyr Keep Em Bouncin
Snelling Lando 3+
Fatemaster Jack
butz Nameless
Gryph ZExSupFood B 1
Tasaiz S Jack
lowkey JackInBox Sup 1
Linny Willy
Gryph ZSupEx Fooood 1
Meatpuppet AM Jacck
Gryph Sup Feeders B 9
Snelling Lando 4+
Golem Crank Meh
dragonking Superb 126
Saless S JITB 07
lakiel boxy
Darkdrium Jack-in-the-Box
Vepar Surprise
Snelling Lando 5+
Saless S JITB 08
Saless S JITB 09
Acrii JITB 1
Shaughna Jek2
Snelling Lando 6+
Snelling Lando 7+
Saraena JackInBox-sprb
Snelling Lando 8+
Break John
Snelling Lando 9+
Chezsta Jack in Box Two
Andminus .B Box 1
lilymoncat z Jack-in
Acrii Nameless
Micel Jack
Saless S JITB 10
kathol Nameless
Dispeyr {Keep EX JITB 1
Dispeyr {Keep EX JITB 2
boozhwaa Jack-in-the-Box
Deman008 Crusty
d3th Itulous
Gaurdian S J-in-the-Box
Orome That
Mrman Sup Jackinbox
Traskk Nameless
Nyanya S Jack-in-box
Esgaldin J.i.t.Box.S 0
Neolith Bouncy
l33tm4ntra Chihuahua
Esgaldin J.i.t.Box.S 1
Traysheia Pennywise
talon70726 Sale 4
Lectiva Jhonny
Abel Enigma
Rhea Zeebo
Gradendine S J-in-the-Box2
Keiry S-Jack-in-Box
Jennia Pennywise
Saraena Nameless
Chevy R1 JITB
pira joe Jax S
Meatpuppet AM Jacck2
Chevy Nameless
Shaughna Foodex1 30
Shaughna Foodex1 32
dragonking food-s-171
Julia supJackBox
nightarix Old Jack
dragonking food-s-177 6
LokiHellsing S J I T Box
Chevy Nameless
pira joe JSE1
pira joe JSE2
pira joe JSE3
Chevy Nameless
Kaivokalma Jack-In-Sup
pira joe JSE4
Nagalina Crusty
butz Nameless
Jeorges Jack-in-the-Box
drginthecity Pop Goes
elenis jack in box sup
EatenByPie S.JackinBox
Acrii Nameless
Sala S Jack in Box
Argos S jackinthebox
Gaelond Snap
Dispeyr {Keep EX JITB 3
Niadra Jake
Dispeyr {Keep EX JITB 4
April66 Nameless
Acrii Nameless
Vicenroy Nameless
Mirei Jack Box S.
Vicenroy Nameless
Gorakar S_Jack.i.t.Box
Vaalingrade Nameless
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