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Superb Valkyrie of Victory List
Owner Creature
Acrii Brenna
Armitage Nameless
Saless Sigrun
Nanoc Madde
Shaughna Vivienne
Leviculus Valk of Victory
UncleHermit Angel Victoria
Andminus Loreleif
NalkyrMaloth Vittoria
Galdareth Nike
Azeldan Viktoria
Lau Kara
darvron Brunhilde
VergilCypher Sigrdrifa
Saless S Victory 01
darthbeandip Nike
waxler Victoria
Firebane Victory
Smileus Urd
sirjohn super valk vic
CouchCop S. Heidi
Darkdrium Valkyrie Vic
Apokoliptic Gaia
Savinien Hildagarde
Niko Spare Victory
Cackler Sigrdrifa
puyuyu aaSell 15
Niko Sale VoV
Niko Spare Victory2
Gryph C-Ex-Sup 10
bbmiroku Vicky
hawkeyepeers Helga
Gryph ZSupExFood A 4
Gryph ZSupExFood B 0
Nyali Shara
Natani zNamed_extra 9
Foxie Sup Victory
Snelling Sonya 1+
Phyrze Nike
darthbeandip Spare Victory3
Tillasha .XValkVictory
Apokoliptic Maya
Wolfchen Hrileif
Vepar Vinar
Saless S Victory 02
Birdie Samantha
Lurker Nameless
Golem Gloria
DundasGarth Charlene
Guillermo Valk of Victory
Rika Valk o Victory2
butz Victorius
Esgaldin Vovi
steelewulf S Val Victory
Raguzert Vicky
Elisitta Hellena
Natani aafoodex 9
Meatpuppet AF Valk Vic
Saless S Victory 03
mute_undead S Victory 04
Maddragon Angel Eradicant
Saless S Victory 04
wirer Senjo
Chezsta Valk of Victory
Traysheia Silmeria
Ableman Valerie
butz Nameless
Tigress Sup ValkofVict
charlot Sale VoV
lowkey ValkVic Sup 2
bruinthor sValkyrieofVict
Fatemaster Superiority
wolftheghost Sell2
Linny Gunnr
l33tm4ntra Hrist
lowkey ValkVic Sup 1
Snelling Sonya 2+
Snelling Sonya 3+
Dispeyr Teiwaz
Apokoliptic Senshi
Argos a sup vov
Smileus Nameless
dragonking Superb 113
Alphalas S.ValkVict
Micel Sigrun
Smileus Nameless
Saless S Victory 05
awesome101 VoV 5
Cepnir SuVic
Helias S Valk Victory
awesome101 VoV 6
Tasaiz S Victory
giovaski S.ValkVictor01
talon70726 Brun
giovaski S.ValkVictor02
Abel Lenneth
TheRippyOne Nameless
Leito S.VlkyrieOVctry
wirer Nameless
Saless S Victory 06
Lectiva Valora
giovaski S.ValkVictor05
Yamini S Victory 08
giovaski S.ValkVictor03
lakiel Nameless
Smileus Nameless
Mirei Valkyrie Vic S.
Naywi Ven
Zeigfried Victoria
Mrman Tight Valkyrie
giovaski S.ValkVictor04
Julia supValkVictory
lilymoncat z V of V
Snelling Sonya 4+
Snelling Sonya 5+
butz Nameless
Break Victoria
RoanSylvar Victoria
Eliana S Victory 08
Zaalbar Queen
helix.hex S Victory 08
April66 Vickkie
Acrii Nameless
Saless S Victory 07
Dispeyr {Keep EX VlkV 1
Barnacle Powah
Saless S Victory 08
Dispeyr {Keep EX VlkV 2
Saraena Valerie
Snelling Sonya 6+
Smileus Nameless
Raguzert Nameless
Deman008 Rurutie
PeterBlack SC Vicky
giovaski S.ValkVictor06
giovaski S.ValkVictor07
giovaski S.ValkVictor08
giovaski S.ValkVictor09
Snelling Sonya 7+
srmhound Ronnie
giovaski S.ValkVictor10
d3th Valk of Victory
Gaurdian S VofVictory
Orome Odina
Shaughna Foodex3 26
Lumielle Lenneth
Nyanya S victory
Phantom12 Victory
Andminus Nameless
Miamiau Valkair
Chevy R1 Victory
Saless S Victory 09
Saless S Victory 10
Deman008 Nameless
Narknar Victoria
boozhwaa Sup Val Vic
Esgaldin VoV.S
Chevy F Victory
Raiya Victoria
Meatpuppet AF Valk Vic2
Esgaldin VoV.S.2
pira joe Vicky S
Jennia Sigrun
butz Nameless
butz Nameless
CaptEgo V of Victory
Shaughna Foodex1 15
Shaughna Foodex1 26
nightarix Gunnr
dragonking zzzz Sf str20 2
ermocrate Sale 1 9
Mirei Nameless
drginthecity Val Vicky
Longshot609 Sale VoV
Vaalingrade Pyrrha Nikos
Shaughna Nameless
HeroMatic S. Victory
HeroMatic Hilde
Neolith Success
Chevy Nameless
elenis valk victory su
Jeorges Valk of Victory
potts Heimskringla
Rhea Viteria
Dispeyr {Keep EX VlkV 3
Gradendine Vickey
Dispeyr {Keep EX VlkV 4
Kstran Vina
Chevy Nameless
MirrorMask VoV 1
Pargonaga Hilda
Solveig Freya
David9195 Vitoria
HaKuNaMaTaTa Winning!
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