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Superb Anguish List
Owner Creature
butz De Spair
Shaughna Anguish
Saless Guishi
Tigress Sup Anguish
CouchCop S. Ohit Burns
Acrii Kurushimi
Smileus Yakumo
VergilCypher Anguish
mute_undead Anguish
NalkyrMaloth Pain
Foxie Sup Anguish
Gryph S-Ex-Sup 9
darthbeandip Marvin
Natani zNamed_extra 12
Nanoc Ulf
darthbeandip Spare Anguish
Paracelsus S anguish
Mirei Anguish S.
darvron Zatras
Savinien Nameless
butz Nameless
Saless S Anguish 01
Snelling Netsio 1+
hawkeyepeers Allen Rickman
Tillasha .XAnguish
pira joe Andey S
CaptEgo Anguish
steelewulf S Anguish
Luxnecro krangh
Birdie Dolor
pira joe Angy S
Jennia Tantalus
Saless S Anguish 02
Esgaldin Angu
bruinthor sAnguish
Sinistre Nameless
Vicenroy Nameless
Saless S Anguish 03
Anonymaus S. Anguish
Maddragon The Vindicator
Chezsta Anguish One
Meatpuppet AM Anguish
Saless S Anguish 04
Azeldan Gorrister
Saless S Anguish 05
lowkey Anguish Sup 1
lilymoncat z Anguish
Dispeyr Greys Chart
Yamini S Anguish 06
DundasGarth Geoffrey
Traysheia Torment
Linny Anguish
Gryph Sup Feeders B 8
Snelling Netsio 2+
lowkey Anguish Sup 2
Naywi Aaron
TheRippyOne Anguish 8
TheRippyOne Anguish 9
UncleHermit Doll of Misery
lowkey Nameless
TheRippyOne Anguish 0
Julia supAnguish
wirer A for trade
Vicenroy Nameless
Alphalas S.Anguish
Kogasa 5:Anguish
Galdareth Trent
Dispeyr {Keep EX Agsh 2
PeterBlack SuS Anguish
magicbaron33 Pain
Argos S anguish
FadeEnnui Angwy
Raguzert Anon
sinangel Nameless
butz Nameless
kathol Nameless
Gradendine Ouchie
Phantom12 S Anguish 06
Snelling Netsio 3+
dragonking Superb 232
Mrman Sup Anguish
Cackler Angor
Deman008 Hatred
Dispeyr {Keep EX Agsh 1
Saless S Anguish 06
Orome Sandro
d3th Flayedulous
Paracelsus S anguish2
Shaughna Foodex3 25
Darkdrium Anguish
Saless S Anguish 07
Gaurdian S Anguish
Tasaiz S Anguish
Artorias Anguish
Leito S.Anguish
Dispeyr {Keep EX Agsh 3
RoanSylvar Anguish
Saless S Anguish 08
Daxxy Bolton Was Here
PeterBlack S tradeang
Snelling Netsio 4+
Saless S Anguish 09
Saless S Anguish 10
Jindrichus Harold
Esgaldin Anguish.S
Esgaldin Anguish.S.2
bbmiroku Angsty
Keiry S-Anguish
Leaolobo Angustiado
Firebane Sale 2 1
Grey Languish
Kaivokalma Anguish Sup
Genji Nameless
Jeorges Anguish
Ellert Supreme
Break Pain
Rhea Life
Mimic lord Nameless
heavenlyneko S Anguish 01
tomywomy Sup anguish
Break Nameless
Shaughna Nameless
Mirei Nameless
potts Angus
Meatpuppet AM Anguish2
Acrii Nameless
Meatpuppet AM Anguish3
elenis anguish sup
Dispeyr {Keep EX Agsh 4
Gaurdian Nameless
Break Nameless
Tasaiz Nameless
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