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Superb Armored Lycan List
Owner Creature
Naomi Super One
Naomi Super Amore
Falkyn ~ Alyce ~
Riverdale SArmorLycan
Acrii Allison
Acrii SupAL1
Acrii SupAL2
Scallingd [S] ArmrLycan01
Victis Hime
Moyu Bream
Armitage Daciana
Armitage Velvela
Armitage Silvia
Red Rainbow !*Armor King
Avaloch Nameless
Shaughna Leanne
LordKram Nameless
LordKram Nameless
LordKram Nameless
sirjohn superb armor
butz Kosmos
Saless Alllie
Saless S AL 01
Saless S AL 02
Versharr Lycan
Versharr Were-Puppy
Lythea Moon
Lythea Luna
Devil Blade Lunar Knight
Vorian Nameless
Vicenroy NoRB.3 2
Tigress Sup ArmLycan 0
Tigress Sup ArmLycan 1
Falkyn ~ Sup A. Lycan~
Masterokena open
EatenByPie S.Armored Lycan
Galdareth Ysengil
EatenByPie S.ArmLycan 2
Gryph !Cassidy
Renkore Countess Ciana
Vicenroy ZzParty 1
Vicenroy NoRB.3 3
Lythea Selene
Shulta Artemis
Red Rainbow !*King
zhai Lunar
darvron Angua
Saless S AL 03
Saless S AL 04
Acrii SupAL3
Scallingd [S] ArmrLycan02
Jimboguy Nameless
l33tm4ntra S. Loupa
orphena Slasha
Riverdale SArmorLycan 0
Riverdale SArmorLycan 1
Inaki Lyra
Blake Sully
Sheen986 Ella
sirjohn superb armor 1
69Fingers S Armrd Lycan
Soriel Tara
Soriel Louise
Daniel Nameless
kathol Hal
Wolfchen Ziva
Traskk Armored Lycan
Phantom12 !ArmoredLycan
bruinthor sArmoredLycan
FadeEnnui Mrrowl
Lunecron Braum
Maddragon Kill Monger
danime91 Nameless
Meatpuppet LAF Armour Ly 0
Meatpuppet LAF Armour Ly 1
darvron Sybil
HeroMatic Ethene
HeroMatic Ajax
MirrorMask Itchy Bitcy
Artorias A.Lycan babe
Ladon Myuri Fang
Gaurdian S Armor L01
Gaurdian S Armor L02
Gaurdian S Armor L03
Taljinn Rhys
Acrii SupAL4
Saless Nameless
Xenonya Armi
butz SAL 1
Firebane Nameless
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