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Superb Pirate Empusa List
Owner Creature
Saless Scarlet
Saless S PE 01
Saless S PE 02
Shaughna Penelope
Lythea Anne Bonney
Lythea Mary Read
UncleHermit Pirate Robina
Darkdrium Pirate 4
Darkdrium Pirate Empusa
Acrii Yarr!
Acrii SupPE1
Acrii SupPE2
ShadeOmega Risky
Red Rainbow !*Vicktoria
Red Rainbow !*Mihardee
Gakre Aditi
butz Roche
DarkWyrd Amy Killincrew
LordKram Piratewenchsup
Renkore Risky Boots
Armitage Nameless
Gryph !Robrina
Albeforth Polly
Albeforth Nameless
Inaki Elaine
Vicenroy ZzParty 2
Kagami Revy
Paracelsus Althea
Riverdale SPirateEmpusa 0
Riverdale SPirateEmpusa 1
Blake Pirate Jenny
Nishrach Nameless
Lurker z Produce 28 3
Lurker Scarlet
Lindazana Shelly
Smileus Jacqui Sparreau
Paracelsus S Pir Empusa
Lindazana SPE
Apokoliptic Liddy
Apokoliptic Lentice
steelewulf S Pirate Empusa
Saless S PE 03
Acrii SupPE3
darvron Nico Robin
Gryph S PEmpusa 0
Vicenroy Nameless
Tigress Sup PirEmpusa
Esparc Scarlet
Etchie Nameless
Sania Lucy
mute_undead Lilith Yarr
Erinn Pirate Empusa 1
Erinn Pirate Empusa 2
Erinn Pirate Empusa 3
Erinn Pirate Empusa 4
Erinn Pirate Empusa 5
Erinn Pirate Empusa 6
Alphalas S.Pirate Empusa
Sania Brittany
Gryph S PEmpusa 1
juvata kap0
juvata neer
Nishrach Nameless
Natani rb_marika
Psyched Nameless
DaBradster2 Booty Betty
ZombieHunter Jesse Silver
Toasty29 Nameless
Maddragon Crimson Sabre
Acrii SupPE4
Saless Nameless
Dispeyr Captain Hooker
stefan ★♀ Frigid
stefan Nameless
stefan Nameless
stefan Nameless
stefan Nameless
Gaurdian S Pirate E01
Turtlewing Nameless
pira joe Peira S
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