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Superb Elven Miner List
Owner Creature
Gryph !Crystal
Acrii Emma
SilverDragon Darny
codered999 Picky
Shaughna Mandy
Vicenroy . .RB-Me2 6
Daxxy Katrina
Saless Sexy
Seylen Nameless
LordKram sexy digger
darvron Dotti
DundasGarth Adelaide
Lurker Nameless
Lurker Nameless
mute_undead Elven Miner
butz Minnie
darvron Paula
Tigress Sup ElvMiner 0
UncleHermit Miner Sophina
Seylen Nameless
codered999 Nameless
Smileus Arda
Natani rb_kaylee
Natani elven_miner 2
Orannis Doc
mute_undead Elven Miner 0
l33tm4ntra Noum
Tigress Sup ElvMiner 1
Sinistre Daikichi
Vicenroy NoRB.6 3
Neirenn Orlha
Acrii SupEM1
Snelling Ethan
Renkore Inuseno
Apokoliptic Kaya
ZombieHunter Erica C
Tillasha $$Rarity
NalkyrMaloth Amber
Gryph Sup EMiner 0
butz Minnette
butz Minnettia
Sampo Grace
Kanaide Oriha
Gradendine *Gardenia
codered999 Nameless
codered999 Nameless
EatenByPie S.ElvenMiner 0
EatenByPie S.ElvenMiner 1
meklord Vera
awesome101 HardlyKnow'er
Natani elvenminmer
Cackler Nameless
Cackler Nameless
Cackler Nameless
kalis khrom Jaq Hammer
Phyrze Jewel 0
Phyrze Jewel 1
Phyrze Jewel 2
Phyrze Jewel 3
Phyrze Jewel 4
Phyrze Jewel 5
Acrii SupEM2
Vicenroy Nameless
UncleHermit Miner Vivi
UncleHermit Miner Uly
UncleHermit Miner Dollface
Gryph Sup EMiner 1
Gryph Sup EMiner 2
Gryph Sup EMiner 3
Gryph Sup EMiner 4
Gryph Sup EMiner 5
Gryph Sup EMiner 6
Gryph Sup EMiner 7
LordKram tester
ShadowWisp *Elven Miner
ShadowWisp Elven Miner A
Saless S EM 01
DundasGarth 1_EMIner 3
Apokoliptic Tracy
ShadowWisp Elven Miner B
Nishrach Nameless
Nishrach Nameless
Nishrach Nameless
darthbeandip Knocker
Devil Blade Nameless
darkfox0 Lara
Amy270 Amy41qa
bbmiroku Sleazy
Pyrithe Nameless
Phyrze Jewel 6
Phyrze Jewel 7
Phyrze Jewel 8
Phyrze Jewel 9
Phyrze Jewel 10
Phyrze Jewel 11
SuzushiroAoi ElfminerS
codered999 Nameless
codered999 Nameless
Apokoliptic Lottie
Apokoliptic Hazel
Apokoliptic Bahira
Pyrithe Nameless
Chezsta Elvira
ChaosFerret Miner 0
Pyrithe Nameless
Phyrze Jewel 12
Phyrze Jewel 13
Phyrze Jewel 14
Phyrze Jewel 15
Phyrze Jewel 16
Phyrze Jewel 17
Phyrze Jewel 18
Gryph Sup EMiner 8
Meatpuppet LAF Elven Miner
Gryph Sup EMiner 9
Gryph Sup EMiner 10
Gryph Sup EMiner 11
Gryph Sup EMiner 12
Gryph Sup EMiner 13
Gryph Sup EMiner 14
Paracelsus Nameless
Paracelsus Nameless
Serael Goldie
Divada Mellie
Savinien Shale
Maddragon Cleric of Steel
Saless S EM 02
Saless S EM 03
Saless S EM 04
Dispeyr So Picky
Dispeyr Sedimentary
Acrii SupEM3
butz SEM 1
Alphalas S.EMiner
Dispeyr Igneous
darvron Reese
Gryph Nameless
Apokoliptic Nameless
Traskk Elf Miner 0
Acrii SupEM4
Tigress Sup ElvMiner 2
RacheVi Tilly
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