Succubus Species

Astonished by the bravery of women working in a brothel in Paris, the Toymaker was inspired to create this seductive archer, capable of disabling her foes from afar with rapid-fire arrows and alluring tactical abilities for those that draw too near.

General Information

Weapon TypeBow
"Stealable" Item Edible Panties
Kin Demon
Category Soul Puppet

Soul Puppets Eggs are unlocked via the means listed here and acquirable from Dungeons, Breeding and NPC Shops.

Attribute Information

HP320 EP80 STR60 VIT70
MGC70 RES80 DEX110 SPD70
BTR WHT100 GenderF Style Hidden ?
fire10 % water-10 % light-5 % dark5 %
earth0 % wind0 %