Apprentice Harpy Species


Eager to spread her wings far from her nest, this harpy seized the opportunity to apprentice herself to a passing Elven Alchemist.

While she's definitely still in the early stages of her education, she's been partnered with a larger-than-standard-issue slime. With any luck, it'll protect her from any mishaps or misfires long enough for her to one day gain competence in her craft!

General Information

Weapon TypeOther
Kin Winged
Category Limited Edition Mini

Limited Edition Soul Puppets are acquired by financially supporting the game and rolling LESP Tokens.

Many new creatures offer enormous rewards if collected within 4 days of their release. Visit Information>Release Map for more details.

Attribute Information

HP340 EP260 STR60 VIT90
MGC120 RES100 DEX80 SPD60
BTM WHT105 GenderF StyleFairly Attractive +100
fire0 % water0 % light10 % dark-10 %
earth-40 % wind40 %