Fencer Fun-Gal Species


Spin! Twirl! Pirouette! Backflip! This sword-wielding mushroom girl loves nothing more than a duel in which she can show off her athletic ability. Luckily for her, the speed at which fungus grows allows her to heal up well and quickly from all the nigh-fatal stab wounds she receives as a result of her fancy showboating.

General Information

Weapon TypeSword
Kin Nature
Category Limited Edition Mini

Limited Edition Soul Puppets are acquired by financially supporting the game and rolling LESP Tokens.

Many new creatures offer enormous rewards if collected within 4 days of their release. Visit Information>Release Map for more details.

Attribute Information

HP400 EP200 STR100 VIT80
MGC60 RES80 DEX100 SPD90
BTC WHT120 GenderF StyleFairly Attractive +100
fire-5 % water5 % light10 % dark-10 %
earth40 % wind-40 %