Akatsune Species

Base Species

When a curious, innocent fox wandered into a shrine of Inari, it encountered a beautiful, busty maiden. Their meeting was no ordinary chance; it was a moment of destiny. The shrine's ancient magic intertwined their souls, merging them into a single, katana-wielding entity of immense power and grace. In a flash of divine light, they were transported to Niflheim, a realm shrouded in darkness and malice.

Now, as a formidable warrior blessed by Inari, they must battle the unspeakable evils that lurk in the shadows, their combined strength and purity their greatest weapons.

Miscellaneous Information

Weapon TypeSword
Artist CyanC
Kin Beast
Category Limited Edition Mini

Limited Edition Soul Puppets are acquired by financially supporting the game and rolling LESP Tokens.

Attribute Information

HP400 EP200 STR100 VIT70
MGC100 RES90 DEX80 SPD70
BTM WHT140 GenderF Style Hidden ?
fire20 % water-20 % light40 % dark-40 %
earth-15 % wind15 %