Pepperchiefo Species


Whiley may never admit it, but the process of inventing his Secret Fertilizer wasn't entirely without consequences.

Early experiments may have seeped out of the cornfield into a nearby vegetable patch, causing some otherwise mostly harmless pepper plants to mutate. Now these nefarious nightshades hunt anyone and anything that ever dared to eat a plant.

General Information

Weapon TypeGlove
"Stealable" Item Ghost Pepper
Kin Nature
Category Trash Horror

Trash Horrors can be acquired two ways: while breeding a specific pairing with a low success rate or from a Common grab from rolling LESP Tokens. They can be ground for an abundance of a particular LESP Production Item in Bulldozer's Shop and have a 1/5 chance of being Superb when token rolled.

The presence of Trash Horrors only affects common Token Rolls, which had no value in the game's economy anyway. You can learn more about Token chances on this page.

Many new creatures offer enormous rewards if collected within 4 days of their release. Visit Information>Release Map for more details.

Attribute Information

HP260 EP140 STR90 VIT90
BTC WHT125 GenderM StyleHideous
fire30 % water-30 % light-5 % dark5 %
earth30 % wind-30 %