Sylph Species

Base Species

Shortly after being mugged in a market by children, the Toymaker felt inspired to craft this mischievous being. This small, agile puppet can effortlessly navigate the air with her pixie wings as she strikes at her foes from angles unknown.

Miscellaneous Information

Weapon TypeDagger
Artist Ignis
"Stealable" Item 6 Down Extreme
Kin Nature
Category Soul Puppet

Soul Puppets Eggs are unlocked via the means listed here and acquirable from Dungeons, Breeding and NPC Shops.

Attribute Information

HP320 EP80 STR90 VIT60
MGC60 RES70 DEX80 SPD100
BTC WHT110 GenderF Style Hidden ?
fire0 % water0 % light0 % dark0 %
earth-15 % wind15 %