Getting Help


There are several ways you can get help from other players as well as the staff here.

Note that older players are not allowed to be rude to newer ones. If you feel anyone has mistreated you verbally in the game, either while the staff was not present or not paying attention, contact Ignis here.

The Chatroom

The chatroom community is friendly and always willing to help. If you live in an area with strange hours and everyone seems to be away, then please use the forum to get help instead.

Please note that the chatroom is often moderated by the owner himself. So if you have any questions for him, please try visiting the Game Room and asking.

The rules of a chat room here can very depending on which one you are in. For details on these rules, go here.

Please note that ignorance of the rules is never an excuse for breaking them.

The Forum

Asking for help at the forum is much slower, but if you have a question that does not need to be answered in a hurry, you can post it there.

Please note that the forum registration is separate from the game registration. You must register again at the forum to use it.


Message me, the administrator, with the information at the contact page for both private and usually quick assistance if you are having trouble accessing your account.

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