To access your Camp menu, simply go to "Camp>Creatures".


The following is an explanation of the menus listed above your creatures:

Check All

Selects all of the creatures on the current page.

Uncheck All

Deselects all of the creatures on the current page.

View a Creature's Status

By clicking a creature's name you will be forwarded to a page that contains all of its data. Please be aware that this is quite complete and detailed information.

If you would like to open the page in a new tab, either middle click the creature's name, or right click it and select "Open in New Tab".

Creature Commands

The following is an explanation of the Soul Puppet oriented commands on the right hand side of the screen. Please note that you will need to click and select a creature for any of them to work:

Allows you to go to the equipment menu of a selected creature.

Allows you to recover the energy of injured creatures, for a small amount of coins.

Allows you to feed creatures EXP Food so that they can gain additional levels without having to battle.

Allows you to change the name of a selected creature. You must name a creature before you can use it in battle.

Allows you to hatch any selected egg(s) in your inventory.

Allows you to delete Soul Puppets or sell eggs for coins. Creatures that are expelled can be recovered later with the Credit Shop item Creature Restore .

Note that if you expel all of your creatures you will receive 3 weak ones.

Locks a particular creature so it cannot be removed from the game easily. Read more about it right here.

Allows you to remove the equipment and extra skills of the selected creature(s) quickly.

Allows you to possess the body of one of your Soul Puppets, thereby empowering it. You can read more about possession here.

Allows you to practice battling with your selected creature. People with support status can practice against any creature they like.

Allows you to unlock the eggs of new types of Soul Puppets, provided you have fulfilled the needed conditions.

This button allows you to swap the equipment of two creatures you own.

Allows a user to produce items with their Limited Edition Soul Puppets.

Allows you to hide/unhide creatures from your view in the "Camp>Creatures" and Equipping menu. The Credit Shop Key Item Selective Monocle is required to use this option.

You can use the sort option "Hidden Only" to still view and make changes to them.

Please be aware that utilizing this option may make characters unavailable in certain menus and "Camp>Quick Actions" until you restore them to your view.

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