Boss Battles


There are powerful enemies lurking within this world, typically called "Bosses".


Bosses are very different from normal enemies. Here are some ways they will usually differ:

  • High Attributes.
  • Story Relevant.
  • Grant you 99 turns to battle them.
  • They will award you trophies on higher difficulty settings when you defeat them.

Tips & Tricks

  • Always remember to click on the boss' name during battle and then its "Weakness" button. You will receive a full list of its weaknesses and attributes this way.
  • Take advantage of sickness effects. The most simple illness could lead you to victory!
  • Having trouble surviving the boss' elemental attacks? Increase your affinity to them.
  • A specific boss battle type giving you trouble? Raise a new Soul Puppet fit for the challenge!
  • Resurrect your creatures quickly!

Boss Trophies


By defeating these powerful foes at varying difficulty settings, you will receive a boss trophy. Please note that most of the month-limited bosses can also be encountered while Bounty Hunting.

View Your Trophies

You can view which trophies you have unlocked and how to acquire them under "Player>Achievements".