Hunting Players


Player hunting can be done in most towns by clicking the crossed swords icon .

Benefits & Penalties

If the hunting player wins...
  1. The hunting player will receive 3 Credit Credit .
  2. The defeated adventuring party will be unavailable to be hunted again until either the current week ends, or its owner sends it on new adventure. Whichever comes first.
If the hunting player loses...
  1. The adventuring party will receive bonus TE that will improve the rewards of their adventures. You can read more about adventuring right here.

Please note that players will not lose spirit during player hunting.

Hunting Limits

Each player is limited to 10 successful hunts a day.

Player Respawn

Creatures that were defeated while adventuring will be healed immediately. However, players will be unable to hunt them again until the week ends.

Party Levels

The levels of the parties you will be facing is determined by the area they are in. For example, you can expect to fight higher level parties in Onyx City compared to the Moonlit Graveyard.

Adventurer Defense

Adventuring parties receive a boost to their power that is increased by the Player Growth Attribute Adventurer Adventurer and the Credit Shop Key Item Toy Castle when they are under attack.