Challenge Book


The Challenge Book, which can be found under "Player>Books>Challenge", is a public page that allows you to view which Challenges you or another player has completed. If the page is yours, you will be presented links that let you prepare to try them.

Creature Restrictions

The following restrictions may or may not apply to a particular Challenge:

  • Creature Restrictions: You can only use creatures of a particular category during each Challenge. You can view which one a particular creature belongs to within its Status Screen under the "Classification" entry. For example, only Soul Puppets can be used if the challenge says "Soul Puppets".
  • Equipment Allowed: Your creatures may or may not be allowed to wear equipment during the challenge.
  • Item Limit: The number of items you are allowed to use during the Challenge.
  • Level Limit: The maximum level allowed for creatures participating in the Challenge.

Player Penalties

Players may be inflicted with sicknesses or debuffs at the start of a Challenge. Both conditions can be recovered from with the relevant recovery items or skills needed to do so during a battle.

Enemy Bonuses

Enemies can receive a variety of bonuses at the start of the match, such as permanent bonuses to their defense against various sicknesses and powerful buffs.

Enemy Level Bonus

If one of your creatures is a higher level than an enemy during a challenge, all of the enemies within the challenge will have their levels scaled upwards to compensate.

Completion Values

Not all Challenges are created equally, and some are more valuable to your Challenge Book Completion Percentage than others. You also must complete a Challenge once across all three difficulties to earn all of the points it offers.

EXP Rewards

Experience rewards are non-existent during Challenges.

No Spirit Loss

You will not lose spirit when you fail challenges.

Link Your Friends

Show off your book to friends by copying the URL. It's public so anyone can see the difficult battles you've completed!