Dungeons are located all throughout the story and sidequests of Puppet Nightmares. This lesson will explain how they work and the best ways for you to take advantage of its rewards.

Dungeon Commands

You have several commands available to you within dungeons. They are as follows:

  • Clicking the button will give you access to an additional menu that will allow you to switch parties and your creatures. Remember to click the Close Close button when you are done.
  • The button will allow you to see how close you are to your storage limits. You will learn how to expand your storage within the game later.
  • The button will allow you to encounter the next enemy group in a dungeon. Typically you must defeat them all to proceed in the story.
  • The button restores all enemies within this area. This is useful if you wish to battle extra enemies to gain more experience and rewards.

Consecutive Wins & Completed Battles

You have two counters. Consecutive Wins and Completed Battles.

Completed Battles is how it sounds; it displays how many battles within this dungeon you have completed. Note that all dungeons have a limited number of battles to prevent the abuse of the Consecutive Wins system.

To increase your Consecutive Wins, you must Complete Battles without using a . There are other actions and places you may visit that can reset your Consecutive Wins counter. Here is a list of them:

  • Visiting another dungeon.
  • Using on one or more creatures within your "Camp>Creatures" menu.
  • Using the button within dungeons.
  • By changing your party or modifying one in any way.

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