About Disciplines


Disciplines are toggles creatures can activate or deactivate during battle that modify attributes and drain a certain percentage of its EP and HP each turn.

Disciplines are not simply buffs. They affect the stats of your creature directly and remain as long as the discipline is active. Any buffs from skills then affect the result.


A Discipline can be activated in two ways:

  • By clicking "Discipline" in a creature's menu during battle and by selecting its name in the additional menu that opens afterwards. Please note that this will cost your creature its current turn during the battle.
  • By going to creature's status menu and selecting it when you are outside of battle.


A Discipline can be deactivated during battle by selecting it again, however this will cost the creature its current turn.

If a creature has insufficient EP and/or HP to sustain a Discipline at the end of its turn, it will remain actively selected, but completely ineffective.

Costs & DR

The lost EP and HP during each turn can be reduced by improving a creature's DR (Discipline Rating). Please note that higher level, two-handed equips tend to have the highest rating.

Not only will the costs be reduced, but also the attribute penalties. The following table lists the effect you can expect DR to have on reducing a Discipline's penalties:

DR Effect Table
DR Amount Percentage of Penalties Decreased
1 DR0%
2 DR5%
3 DR10%
4 DR30%
5 DR50%
6 DR70%
7 DR90%

Please note that WHT modifications are unchanged by DR.

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