Marbles are valuable items that carry the power of Buffs and Sicknesses inside them.

You can attach them to your existing armaments within your Camp>Equipment page or use them to build new ones within the Building Shop.

You can carry only a limited amount of marbles, but you can expand the limit by purchasing the Credit Shop item Marble Storage .


To access your marble inventory screen, go to Camp>Marbles within the top menu of most pages.

Marble Commands

Allows you to sell the marbles you have selected.
Allows you to fuse two marbles you have selected.
Check All Selects all of the marbles on the current page.
Uncheck All Deselects all of the marbles on the current page.


Like most items, marbles can be found in dungeons and quests. The quality of marbles you will find is increased by the Player Growth Attribute Enchanter Enchanter, the Credit Shop Key Item Iron Blowpipe and Consecutive Wins.

Complete List

A complete list of different marbles can be viewed by going to Information>Marble List>Select Type.

Tips & Tricks

  • Only two marbles can be combined into an equip you are building, and they cannot be the same type. That means one Buff, and one Sicknesses marble.
  • Elemental marbles also lower the opposing elemental affinity for a creature.
  • The effects of marbles stack on multiple pieces of equipment.

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