Using Marbles

Marbles can be added to existing equipment within your equipment inventory menu or when building new ones in Building Shops. This lesson explains how to insert them into existing equips.

How To Do It

Here is how to assign a marble to an existing equip:

  • Go to the Camp>Equipment page.
  • Locate the equip you wish to improve, utilizing the arrows at the bottom of the page if needed.
  • After that, click the appropriate slot to bring up another menu. Please note that if you are trying to use a buff marble that it goes in the left slot, and if you are trying to use a sickness marble it goes in the right.
  • Within the new menu, select the marble you wish to use.
  • Note the entry marked as chance that is being displayed. If it is not 100%, then there is a chance that he insertion will fail and the marble will be destroyed.
  • Then click the button.

Please note that if a marble already exists in this slot that the old one will be lost forever after successfully placing a new one within it.

Insertion Success

You can improve your chance of successfully inserting a marble into an already built equip with the Player Growth Attribute Smith Smith and the Credit Shop Key Item Golden Anvil .

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