Alternative Outfits


As recent as November 2017 it is possible to unlock additional outfits for some LESPs via a variety of methods. Conditions will vary depending on the outfit involved.

Where to Unlock

You can unlock a creature's outfit within it's status screen. Click it's name in camp and then click "Change Outfits" to access this menu. If you do not see the button, then there are none available for that creature's species.

From there, click an outfit and follow the basic instructions within the menu to unlock what you want.

Tips & Tricks

  • If you unlock an outfit for one species, it will be available for all of its members. For example, if one of your Corn Stalkers unlocks the Harvester outfit, it will be available for ALL of your Corn Stalkers thereon.
  • In some cases, you can pre-order a required amount to receive an outfit without grinding. Keep your eyes peeled on offers if you're interested!
  • You can view a creature's battle scores from their "Battle Record" tab. Handy for tracking how close you are to earning a specific outfit.
  • Some outfits will only be available on a seasonal basis from special deals. Keep an eye on the news if this interests you!
  • The old system used "Transformations" to offer mostly nude and Futa variations. The outfits previously available as transformations will be free to unlock for at least one year. Try to claim them before then!