Limited Edition Soul Puppet Equips

About LESP Equips

LESP Equips have no base stats, and thus, are pointless to take to the Smith Shop. However, they do offer separate and impressive percentage based bonuses that will be applied only to a particular LESP they were designed for when equipped.

Where to Get Them

They can be obtained from LESP Tokens in the Credit Shop, payment rewards, auctions and trades.

Availability Limitations

LESP Tokens

LESP Equips, similar to LESPs themselves, are not available via LESP Tokens until up to 90 days have passed since it was available via payments.

Trades & Auctions

Also like LESPs, LESP Equips cannot be traded or auctioned until 30 days after their initial release date.


LESP Equips that were never released as payment rewards are not affected by these restrictions.

Check Them Out

You can view existing LESP Equips with the "Information>Search>Equipment" option.